Devoid (An Original Poem and made on Drawing)

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I am plunging downward.
Spiralling like a drunkard.
Its dizzying me,
Its sucking me.

I feel like I am hypnotize
But I didn't realize.
I keep inching forward.
I don't know its reward.

Will I see the end of this
Or eternity will I be in this.
I might be chained to this forever.
Flowing just like a river.

If only I know sooner,
How that one thing could be a killer.
I should have avoid
But now I am in this world of devoid.


Medium : Ballpen


To those who upvoted and commented on my post yesterday thank you so much. I hope you upvote and comment on this post again. Thank you so much fellow steemians. I appreciate if you take time to read this short but meaningful poem.

!! I just want you to know this style of drawing is not my very style. I just saw it on YouTube and apply it. Thank you to the owner of this style of drawing !!

SHOUTOUT!! TO MY #artguildph team and to my Filipino kababayans here on steemit. Let's support each and evryone of us

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nice , ganahan ko sa drawing

Salamat kaayu :)

Wow this is very interesting,continue sharing such inspiring poem like this. Keep steeming

Thank you so much for your appreciation amigo!!

It is seldom to have a friend as talented as you.

Coming from a talented person as you it is a privilege to be appreciated. Thank you

nice , ganahan ko sa drawing

Salamat kaayu kay giganahan!!