Another doodle from me: Express your thinking!

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We all have something in our mind that keep bothering us or we can't let go of it. Or atleast something that beyond what we can do in our life. In other word; imagination. Yeah, this thing sometimes beyond our limits. We can think and imagine anything we want to but we can't do all the things.

Sometimes it's all about feelings. If it's not the imagination it might be the feelings that we wish to share or we want everyone to know but we can't. Sounds complicated right?

Just express it the way you can. Express it with something you love to. Just like this doodle:


Anyone know what I've been thinking?
You can guess if like to. But it's not necessary for you to know.

Because that 'thing' in our mind might be our little secret, it's not necessarily to be known by anyone. But we can express it in our way. The way that give us a bit relieve. We'll, it's not necessarily a doodle, drawings or arts. Anything you love.

And this is my way.


How about yours?


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