"Don't upvote this post!!" ~ a Possible Solution to 'un-wanted' Rewards.

I would only be so lucky to receive a 10-20 dollar payout on a post I never meant to submit. The solution I am proposing isn't for those bad actors who make shit posts 24/7 and max upvote themselves. Or the same thing with their comments. Rather, it is aimed at those who have amassed a nice curation following from other wealthy steemians. I would estimate I see 2-3 posts a week from someone who says "Error, mistake, don't upvote this post!!!", only to have their curation trail upvote it within a matter on minutes or even seconds...to the tune of 20-30 dollars, or more sometimes. If I am seeing them that many times, how much $ is being rewarded overall to people who don't actually want it?


So, if the person didn't want the votes, and the votes are already there (and it is detrimental to the voter to rescind that vote because it drains their SP to recant it the same as it would giving it), how can we cancel out the votes without too many issues? Here's what I think...it's technically two fold.

#1 would be to incorporate an option button in the edit section of the post. So once you submit your post, realize your mistake, you could go in to edit the post and a button saying Delegate all rewards back to reward pool would be available for you to click to send all the money your post would make back into the kitty. Obviously only people who genuinely didn't want people to upvote their post would ever use it, but it would be there if they wanted it.

#2 would be essentially the same thing, but would be a button saying something along the lines of, Delegate all rewards to @insertnamehere. People love to make posts that showcase other people for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, the OP states "All the rewards from this post will be sent to @insertnamehere", so why not just make that an option on the submit post page so the voters don't have to rely on the OP to actually send the rewards to the person they said would receive it. It makes it more believable from an outside perspective that the OP genuinely wants to donate to someone, and it alleviates the OP from having to make the transfer on the back end.

So what are your thoughts? Is this something that you would like to see implemented?

And for the devs, is this something that is feasibly possible to implement without too much work and/or messing with certain algorithms or payout structures?

This certainly is not the biggest issue plaguing Steemit right now, but I think if we can improve on anything, we should at least look at all the options.

Thanks for reading and Steem on!


Id love to see the sbd from those posts generated to charity causes on the steemit board. there are so many great initiatives who can use some whale payouts like these!

That could also be an option. Either reward pool to make it back to equal, or delegate it somewhere else.

Yeah not it is lost and these are not small amounts every time. All these things add up big time, and a lot of people could do so much usefull stuff with this!

This is a great idea. Resteemed to increase it's visibility. Hopefully some of the guys in charge will see it.

I appreciate that man! Thanks for your support.

Wow, that is really weird. You said "Don't upvote" and my mouse immediately went to click "Like". I think you have found a really great way to get an Anarchist to do something, simply tell them not too ; )

Haha, I think most people have that reaction when told not to do something. But I didn't say don't vote for this post, I was offering a solution to unwanted rewards.

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