Discontinuing my music and social media prowess due to a lack of public interest

in done •  25 days ago 

My last 4 releases all came at a loss. No one is interested in my music. I built a multiple of steemit accounts. But, I cannot access a majority of them due to the passwords being lost. Therefore, my investments come at a loss. Whereas, my realization is once again that music doesn't hold the fruits of profit that would assist me in financial security. Therefore, my websites will delete. Steemit is not possible to delete. While, this page will remain. This steemit will most likely no longer be used. My goal is to seek refuge in Switzerland. I have evidence that USA has funded the sister-terrorist agency to PKK in YPG. There are many YPG fighters in America. I researched last night and found a few in New Jersey. The war declared on France injected in my website is enough to say that my American dreams are no longer worthy of pursuit. Therefore, my websites will delete and I will pursue refuge in Switzerland. Due to the fact that I've been attacked I will not be seeking fame any longer.

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