Yes, @joeyarnoldvn. Something like that. He is a cultural icon, who happened to raise the alarm that our cities are filled with, at the very least, non-patriots. The media is lying and projecting with his actual comments. I've watched all the media interviews, saw everything develop from beginning. I wrote a transcript of his comments. He never even used the word immigrant.

He's being taken down because, as you know, our Western institutions have been almost completely subverted. They want to destroy hockey, the last unifying Canadian institution and destroy morale. Most of us have seen the methodical elimination of family, religion, and the "racist history" in Western countries. By severing our ties to the past and destroying our culture, the confused, distracted populace is unable to see through the constant chaos and division to determine it was all a clever deception to steal our homeland from us. You'll see the same pattern again and again.

They couldn't have a loose cannon around telling the truth and firing up the native European savages! One tiny issue for the globalists, though - our Canadian veterans are with Cherry.

Raging Humanist Youtube Channel:

Steven Crowder talks about Canada. One of the issues is that of alleged hate speech. Now, in reality, the freedom of speech includes hate speech. Patriots understand that. It is solid principle. Some leftists may be ignorant of the value behind letting people talk. So, they may not know get it. However, other leftists may understand how freedom works but are truly against that.

Hate speech is as much bullshit as the fabricated left-right dichotomy. It's a weapon designed for use almost exclusively against white Europeans and Christians. This is a clearly established patternl, with almost daily examples of anti-white vitriol in media. Here's just one of the latest examples

Here are comments made by this Canadian talk show host, Jesse Allen. Now, she DID refer specifically to a gender and a race, in a derogatory, hateful way.

Still employed, though!

Do you believe in the right-wrong dichotomy founded on objectivity or do you believe in relativity, subjectivity? I believe that what is right is right. What is wrong is on the left. Meaning, that RINO-Republicans are on the left. Leftists are also on the left. However, classical liberals and conservatives are both on the right. I believe in the right/left dichotomy. However, globalists try to infiltrate, redefine, and pervert reality, and that includes the dichotomy which has been raped and inverted by control freaks and others. Of course, what the elites say about it is deception. They try to divide and conquer. But that does not mean that they are not building their lies on top of some truth. See, there is some truth in there. But they contaminated the truth over the course of many centuries and all around the world in a variety of ways.

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