Help Me Raise Funds for the Creation of Our Two-way Powered Automated Garbage Segregator

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Hello Steemians! Thank you for your time :)

With your help we students can create a Two-way Powered Automated Garbage Segregator that will allow people to have no hassle in identifying which trash bins they are going to throw their garbages. This will also be beneficial to the general public because in the present, even if trash bins are labeled to their corresponding kind of waste, people will still throw garbages on the wrong trash bins. With this behavior, the recyclable waste cannot be reused anymore because it is mixed with liquid or hazardous materials.
Funds raised will be used to complete the production of our "Two-way Powered Automated Garbage Segregator" that anyone or the general public can use.

According to Hoornweg et al., (2012), there were 2.9 billion urban occupants who produced around 0.64 kg of wastes per individual every day which is 0.68 billion tons per year. These wastes needs to be segregated for easier recycling which would lessen the waste being dump in the landfill. Failure to segregate would stir up all the waste in the landfills which would leak after a time frame bringing about leachate or poisonous soup at the base, which could contaminate ground water and discharge hazardous methane gas. Methane is a green house gas, which ultimately leads to climate change, extreme climates and droughts. We can see the impact already in the world.


Two way-powered

It is called Two-way Powered Automated Garbage Segregator because this machine can work with direct electricity from outlets. To lessen the cost, those organic materials can be turned into electrical energy which will be the second source of electricty for the device to work making it cost-efficient.

Why is Segregation important?

Segregation is important because :
• If the waste is not separated properly, it all gets mixed up in landfills. The dangers of this is that they all leak after a period of time, resulting in leachate or toxic soup at the bottom, which can contaminate ground water and release explosive methane gas.

• Methane is a green house gas, which ultimately leads to climate change, extreme climates and droughts. We can see the impact already in the world.

• Segregation protects health. When ragpickers put their hands into the waste to clean it up, it results in cuts that further leads to infections, resulting indeterioration of a ragpicker’s health. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to help these ragpickers by carefully segregating the waste that is generated at our homes.

• When the waste is not separated properly it leads to less recycling because it is not easy to remove materials for recycling. This means many resources are wasted.

A better look for the Two-way Powered Automated Garbage Segregator

To let you have a better view or to have a better image, we originally made a video to show our machine and its parts.

Canvass Summary

Inductive SensorPHP 399
Capacitive Proximity SensorPHP 599
Temperature SensorPHP 349
Motion SensorPHP 149
Ultrasonic SensorPHP 149
PlywoodPHP 900
PVC Pipe (4”x3m)PHP 500
Servo MotorPHP 250
ArduinoPHP 600
Gas hosePHP 400
Battery Charger (15 Amps)PHP 2,250
Generator (Powerhouse 1500W) with EnginePHP 11,880
Trash binPHP 3,500
Polyethylene TankPHP 7,000
LPG RegulatorPHP 300
Steel PlatePHP 5000
Photoelectric sensorPHP 589
AC MotorPHP 5000
RubberPHP 500
Automatic Transfer SwitchPHP 3850
Other Fees (Shipping and other small materials)PHP 1500


~ PHP 45,661 or ~900

How can you Help?

  • Sharing this on Steemit and Other Social media sites.

    By sharing this, we can gain more generous donators and supporter that will help us in having funds for creating the machine.
  • SENDING Steem, SBD or Real Money

    You can send Steem or SBD in my account @jason04 with a memo "Automated Garbage Segregator" or you can send fiat money in me through trusted money transfer outlets here in the philippines.

Your help, big or little is very much appreciated and it counts a lot from us. All the donators and supporters are important to us and each donation to our cause will ensure your name will be added to our wall of gratitude. More importantly, you will be one of those people who has taken part of helping create a better environment that guarantee a better world for the future.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Have a nice day and may god bless us all :)


I hope that you can meet all what you need.God luck

I really hope so @olivia08 but with the supportive Steemit community, I am certain that I can:)

"This project has been submitted to an AyalaLand Contest"

Ayos ni bro ah.. Good Luck and God Bless.

Thanks bro :) Kindly resteem bro, HAHAHAAH!

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Goodluck! :)

I like this. Personally I have been forced to use things like steemengine made by @steemengineteam to get ROI on my votes. I tried the whole buying vote thing but it took up way too much of my time. I even used steemfollower back in the day before they took away followers.

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