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I'm a teenager studying computer networking, who's working towards a CCNA certification. I'm a poet when inspiration hits (and only then), and a lover of all arts. If you appreciate my content (, below are a range of cryptocurrency addresses you can donate to. By doing so, you are supporting a young'n with a dream, but also, I aim to support the Bitcoin space for a lifetime. Thusly by supporting me, you are also perpetuating the progress and adoption of the cryptocurrency space.
BITCOIN: 1Pq6ptim16y5h1wPwoXtXE3g3EdZPPxyLA
BTC/SEGWIT: 31jFJcsq4sKvjjT2C7gTedQjJn9GVG2ew8
BCH: 15Ey7YvhpKospGFoH77TsNDhh6QHzDk8Ks
BTG: AYuhiGW23vn1mmArSBxH4rLW94EtkHVK7v
DASH: XgjtWm7ey5sSgmP5xfx74mFTSE8wyq3CAb
ETHEREUM: 0x138d865579c1794f31071efffccce0b277af779c
ETC: 0xE726986CAbE4e3954B8d10b61086f430A269a72E
LITECOIN: LZRkhfKEjVkChajhofsNVm3daheU2xZA6v
STEEM: @tfj
ZCASH: t1RWA3FdRNBAMht9H39AtNg8cioCdpRD3Lq
I'm accepting as wide a range of currencies as possible because I recognize a genuine diversity of communities. Thank you.

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