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Hello steemian friends, today i am gonna post about a very major issue which is so significant to ignore. It must be addressed. All over the world and particularly in the pak land of Pakistan, as you all no that we are facing water shortage and the resources are so scarce that by the end of a decade we will all be lacking water and there will be nothing to drink for the coming generations and its gonna be sudden i tell you. For this reason the supreme court of Pakistan has issued an order calling on the people to donate Rs 10 as the resources and provisions to build certain dams on order to reduce wayer shortage from the country. I think has been a very good step though it has been taken very late but still it was an important one. I decided to share this on steemit to convince you guys on my argument regarding the importance of water. I also WANT TO AWARE YOU GUYS TO PLEASE SAVE WATER FOR THE COMING GENERATIONS🐸🏝🏝🏝. I also urge you guys to please donate Rs 10 for the construction of dams in Pakistan so that the issue could be met firmly. For foreigners they can visit the website "Supreme Court Of Pakistan and donate $0.9. Its not a major amount but will prove alot helpful. Thanks all who are reading this article and are wanting to donate. Your minor help can save millions of lives.


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