Donation Competition - Win The Lap Top And Donate It... (Prize 20 SBD + Donation) 10 Days - Day #1

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The aim of this competition is to extend the idea for Steemit blogging. If we give a donation in food or money, when money and food are spent, we have the same problem - a poor family. If you donate a computer and teach people to make good posts and comments, then they begin to get a regular cash flow. I believe that in the first month, every new user can make $ 500, In the beginning the most money is made on good comments. Steemit with this idea can feed many people, villages, cities and poor countries. I want to launch a human idea because more users bring higher and faster growth to Steem and SBD. I want this competition to grow, to get a global dimension. Now it's only one computer, the next time the prize can be 150-300 SBD - it depends on the support you give me.

Proof : Congratulation @queenerica - Buy lat top and put the image and account as proof - on this post in the place for comment.

Thanks to donors : @dobartim 20 SBD, juanmallorca 4 SBD,

Rules for applieng :
Rules for recipients of donations :
Place a photo of your family or children to whom you want to donate Lap Top at the place for comments
Make a brief description of why you need to donate Lap Top to them
The number of people you apply is unlimited
In the end - if you are selected for a donation, you should provide material proof that you used the money for that purpose.
The Winner is the one that has most votes ( on the day of voting )
If we collect money for more lap tops, then we will donate lap tops to more families.

You need to be my follower
Upvote this post
Resteem this post

Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ) :
You can donate how much SBD you want
Donations should be sent to my account
We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted

Rules for winning the prize :
The competition lasts for 10 days ( After 10 days, voting for favorites begins, (Only donors can vote - with 1 SBD or more donations ) - Today is the day#1 of the competition - the registration is in progress - leave your photo in place for comment

Believe in yourself @dobartim



This is a man who works in a poultry farm close to my house in a community where I am undergoing my national youth service in Nigeria. His monthly earnings is 6000 Nigerian naira which is equivalent to $16.43 monthly. He has a wife and two kids, this monthly income is too small to cater for his entire family. Sometimes i try to support him financially with the little i can, i also give him a few clothes but this is not enough. Through @dobartim initiative if i win a laptop i will give it to him and introduce him to steemit where he can change his life for better. Instead of giving him fish, he'll be given the tools to fish by himself.


her name is comfort, she just finished from the University this year but lost her dad five years ago and since then she and her family have been striving to meet their needs. Even doing her stay in the University she try her best not to be a dropout. Am praying and wishing the community to help her so she will be able to meet and take care of her family needs. Especially her mum who is a pepper grinder. Through the little i got from steemit, I provide a phone for her last week so she will be able to use steemit as an opportunity because the economy is not helping. Am glad she registered but yet to receive her password. With this Opportunity giving to us by @dobartim She will be able to fend for her family and I know she will be very grateful.

Thanks for the opportunity given

An admirable initiative! I will make a donation of 10 SBD (currently equivalent to 71 usd) in your account. I hope you can help! Does that mean the income of some people for a few months? Lord! I can not believe how much inequity exists in the world. If you keep this initiative, I will make other donations. Keep up the good work!

Well, how about the amount of money (in usd), do you need to buy a laptop? Or transfer this money to the winner's account and will he buy his laptop at the price of the country? My question: Can I copy this initiative, and organize a donation contest in my turn, or do you think this proposal is indecency?

Thanks a lot for your kind support. I transfer money to the winner accounte. The tag for the competition belongs to me, and everyone can do their donations and posts. I love when people are original, and it is important that we focus on launching more initiatives.

I understand. Thank you for answer!


Her Name is Kuti mia, he is working as a Labour(rules :-collecting areca nut from the trees) her daily earnings 150 indian Rupee which is equivalent to $ 02 USD.
he has a wife and 4 daughters and her mom.
this monthly income is too small to cater for his entire family.
I know that he is educated (12th standards pass)
Through @dobartim initiative if i win a laptop i will give it to him and introduce him to steemit where he can change his life for better.

Ini adalah potret keluarga saya, yang berkerudung hitam adalah adik kandung saya yg ingin saya sumbangkan. Semoga ini berhasil

@dobartim You are the only one person on the steemit who are doing very well for humanity , May God help u in ur journey and i m also going to participate in this contest ,
A lot of love for you

Great post with great thinking i like your post..keep continue and keep it up..

good job , my respect to you .

She is Mireya is 49 years old, she works as a secretary at a state university, earning $ 3 monthly to cover all the needs of her family. Mireya has fibromyalgia and herniated discs in the cervical vertebrae. She has always made an effort to change the roof to her house, since she has two jobs and has not managed to do so. She only has enough to support her family. Mireya has two professions. he is aware that work is what a man does, not gifts, that's why he wins the contest, the computer allows him to change the roof to his house and contribute his knowledge to the community, giving value to his post. If Mireya wins, we will have a new member in the community.


Daniel, my cousin and best friend is a final year student in the university of benin reading entrepreneurship. He is struggling and training himself through school but the financial burden is affecting him psychologically.
He has been saving up to buy his textbooks and a laptop during the holiday.
He started a small poultry with his earnings on steemit and is applying his entrepreneurial skill in managing the birds.
We have started a new academic session, his savings is nowhere near the budget price and the poultry maintenance; feed and drugs is more expensive than expected.
I hope to win this laptop for him in order to lighten his financial load.
We are living in a digital age and the laptop will go a long way in boosting him academically and reducing the financial stress.


Thanks Dobartim for this amazing opportunity to support others.

l support this program

Congratulation for the winner,god bles you

Thank you so much at @dobartim the world needs more people like you.

great idea obviously i agree If we give a donation in food or money, when money and food are spent, we have the same problem - a poor family. i like this idea and i am going for it

Wow.... This is a fantastic contest.
I think its have a laptop maybe I will try to donate it to some people that are interested in steemit but the don't have the essential material....
Thanks again for this contest

thats great donation is for what human's creation!

Thanks for good post.👍

Thank you for helping the needy,God will richly bless you

Congratulations @queenerica

Brilliant idea.. I'm in!

this is a good program, hope everyone to be able to grow from all aspect in the way, I strongly support it, thanks @dobartim, I like you, I follow you

God Bless to everyone and great competition you have for steemit!

I want to be part of this contest. My friend needs a laptop

I strongly agree with your opinion, indeed your idea is very amazing hopefully I can win.

Such a unique idea .With such unique ideas we can make a good social humanity links where we can help to needy and desire people in better way.

I will,thank you very much sir

This is absolutely brilliant. It will enhance and help othérs within the community big time. Thanks for this.

This is good for the Steemit community. Keep doing the good works sir

Wow, this is the best contest have seen here so far, raising humanity by eradicating poverty through steemit.

Congratulations @queenerica
.... Thanks you for this kind gesture @dobartim
.... Bless you!

Good vlooking

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