Dance and have fun week 71

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Good afternoon dear friends my entry for this week I hope you like greetings from Venezuela ..


Thank you for sharing! I like the video.
If you don't mind, please add as a tag, hive-118409. I would like to see if your post will appear on

Hi friend, I must always post from here using this tag not from the Donatello Club ... everything always from here ...

When you post on I send you 10 Donatello Club Tokens (DC) for each post. Probably this will change in the future.
Instead if you create your Dance contest or Dance and have fun post on maybe more people will start to enter the dance and music projects that I like to organise.

a ok friend if that is the important thing that your dance projects create and that many users participate it is really fun to dance it takes my stress away I will continue publishing here and there and if there is any change you inform me but I already know that this is the platform where it should be published mainly thanks greetings dear ..

Thank you for the nice reply!