History of Record, The Origin of Aceh Conflict Happened Due to Unfulfilled Promises President Soekarno

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Today I want to write a little story about the history of Aceh, but not intend to explore the problems or seek confusion between Aceh and the government of Indonesia, but just a reminder that history has recorded the mistakes of the Indonesian government that has been done since the first.

As is known long before the NKRI stands, Aceh Darussalam has been sovereign as an independent kingdom and even became part of the Ottoman Ottoman Empire. This is really realized by Soekarno so he invited and persuaded the Acehnese Muslims to want to join the people of Indonesia against the Dutch colonialists.

When visiting Aceh in 1948, BungKarno deliberately met the Acehnese leader, Daud Beureueh. Bung Karno as President of the Republic of Indonesia greeted Daud Beureueh with the title "Kakanda (brother)" and there was a dialogue that until now is well preserved in the historical record.

As written in the following conversation below:

President Soekarno: "I ask for help from my brother to make the Acehnese take part in the armed struggle that is now raging between Indonesia and the Netherlands to defend the independence we have proclaimed on 17 August 1945."

Daud Beureueh: "Brother the President! We the people of Aceh can gladly fulfill the request of the President as long as the war we are going to fight is either a sabil or fisabilillah war, a war to establish the religion of Allah so that if any of us are killed in the war it means to die a martyr. "

President Soekarno: "Brother! Indeed what I mean is a war which has been inflamed by famous Acehnese heroes like Teungku Chik Di Tiro and others, namely the war that is not backwards, the war of freedom or martyr slogans. "

Daud Beureueh:
"Then our two opinions have met the President. Thus I may ask the President, that when the war is over, the people of Aceh are granted the freedom to practice the Islamic Shari'ah within their territory. "

President Soekarno:
"Regarding that, you do not have to worry, because 90% of Indonesian people are Muslims."

Daud Beureueh:
"Forgive me, President, if I am forced to say that it is not a guarantee for us. We want a word of provision from the President. "

President Soekarno:
Well then okay, I approve of the sister's request."

Daud Beureueh:
Alhamdulillah. On behalf of the people of Aceh I thank you very much for your kindness. Kamimohon (while presenting a piece of paper to the president) would you like to write a little on this paper. "

(Hearing the words of Daud Beureueh Bung Karno immediately sobbing. Tears streaming down his shirt), then in a state of sobbing, Sukarno said: "Brother! Then there's no point in me being president. What's the point of being president if you're not trusted? "

(Then stay calm) David Beureueh answered: "We do not believe you, Brother President. But it is just a sign that we will show the people of Aceh we will fight for. "
(Wiping his tears, Bung Karno promises and swears) President Soekarno: "Waallahi (for Allah's sake), to Aceh region will be given the right to arrange his own household in accordance with Islamic Shari'a. And Waallah, I will use my influence so that the people of Aceh can actually implement the Shari'a of Islam in their area. Are you still hesitant? "

Daud Beureueh: "I have no doubt you are President. Once again, on behalf of the people of Aceh I thank you very much for your kindness. "

Revealed In The Interview

In an interview with M.Nur El Ibrahimy with Daud Beureueh, confirmed that Daud Beureueh claimed to see Bung Karno sobbing as if he was whining, he did not even have the heart to insist on black guarantees over white over the president's promises. Soekarno made that promise in 1948.

A year later Aceh is willing to be made into one province as a part of NKRI. But in 1951, not dry lips say, Aceh province disbanded central government and unified with the Province of North Sumatra.

Obviously, this raises the hearts of the Acehnese people. Aceh that ravaged after a long war against the Dutch and then Japan, then drain and grant all his wealth in order to maintain the existence of the Republic of Indonesia without self-interest, by the central government rather than built and reorganized instead left abandoned.

Not only that, the right to take care of themselves was finally revoked. People's houses, dayahs, meunasahs, and so on that were destroyed because of the battle against the invaders were left in ruins. Bung Karno had licked his own saliva and betrayed the promise he had spoken in the name of God. This fact by the people of Aceh is regarded as an unforgivable mistake.

From this story may be a drug against forgetting (reminder) and also a valuable lesson for the nation's children. For the sake of welcoming a better tomorrow in the building of a dignified and martyred Aceh.

Thank you so much for reading this story, by @karim09

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