Pastor Darrell Scott The Puppet Role Played Out:: Most Pro Black president Ever? Tom-Foolery

in #donaldtrump6 years ago (edited)

Media outlets quoting 'Pastor' Darrel Scott on Trump 'should' be shamed of themselves but, they know what they are doing. Take a quick moment to listen to him 'at the round table' ... where he makes yet, another paid appearance.

This administration is the most Pro-Black Administration

.... how?? what exactly has Trump, or his administration done for black people? Did Pastor Scott actually lay anything out? He said that Trump 'wants to prove something', and then went right into bashing Obama. He's telling the cameras that 'we' need to give Trump a chance, the same stuff he was saying, for the past 2 years. His spiel has not changed a bit.

This is typical, tomfoolery. This is the level of cooning that is explained time and time again. "You are some voice!" - says donald trump ... like a "good boy" to his little slave... his little black slave .... "You're doing a good job. You're obviously doing it right." ----- in other words - this is how They want all black people to behave.

The media then comes behind that, and only quotes what it wants to quote :: which is now going to create a whole controversy, and give the nation more to argue about.....

It is true that the media does have influence over people's thought process; because people place their 'trust' in media. Same way people trust relatives, friends from college or work, who post pure nonsense on their pages....

Trust goes a long way .... and gets a lot of us in so much trouble. Meanwhile, please remember the rules to the game;

  1. Study to show thyself approved
  2. Each one, Reach One & Teach One
  3. never stop learning, (which you'll learn from #1)
  4. compare notes, remain able to adapt to new information ...

The 'pool of knowledge' doubles every 2 years..... a factoid I picked up years ago from a #BrianTracy audio; by that, he meant the 'pool of all there is to know, or all that is known' .... doubles ... every 2 years; because people are steadily researching, discovering, uncovering, learning or re-learning .... so if you're still Operating off what you learned 3 to 5 years ago .... 5 to 10 years ago .... You're an Outdated Computer model .... your 'software' has you all the way out the game...

So you might not 'catch' all the stuff that the newer, more aware, more consistent, more updated, more ... awake models are picking up on; like the super Sell outs, who position themselves as Pastors in black churches, in black communities, and do all sorts of Shady ish for Personal gain, instead of for those black communities, .... and they end up contributing to the bad reputation of 'the black church' ... because of that... issue I just outlined.

People not staying up to date .....

Going back to sleep; in Sleep mode; Turned off; and don't realize that not all 'black churches' are run by a Pastor Scott..... who'll do anything to grease his hands with a few more dead presidents; even linking up with dead (soulless) presidents.... showering them with praises .... trying to keep his 'position' ... in the game.

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