Howard Schultz Starbucks ex ceo. Presidential Bid. Political Cartoon FOR Donald Trump 🍇

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Howard Schultz Starbucks ex ceo cartoon

tests for presidential bid

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Alex Jones now is hilarious he telling all New York liberal women that they are getting ripped off because hospitals are taking their "aborted" yet snuck in the back- babies and selling them up to $500000 for blue eyes and how they sell the organs to companies and they sell the body parts and they're making a fortune and each baby is worth like a black babies worth a 100 grand and hes telling all New York liberal women they're getting ripped off and hospitals are making so much money behind their backs

The stress that. not- doing a cartoon does to me it Floors me. I just had a power outage for a few days and before that my phone went off for 4 days I'm supposed to call in this radio show I'm supposed to have a cartoon A-day like I promise everybody but last week was horrible and I couldn't even sleep. I have insomnia over this.

I had 2 great cartoon ideas that I can't do anymore because it's old news Between my children Between the power going off and it being Winter. I was getting that all taken care of gracefully.

I waste way too much time on social media when I could be talking about all that stuff here in my own blog. I can be talking about the news and how I feel about each thing in my blog rather than post on social media and share links etc..

I really wanna be a political cartoonist and I'm really starting with nothing and I have a few patrons that without them I couldn't do this it's just having someone there helping you organize.. collecting your really helps me it feels like I have a team.

You know I need to be tougher I've always been weak kind of.. with work I need to be tougher you know I need to sacrifice beauty and sleep .

I have to do it. I have to do something different. I've got to take something I don't know.. to keep myself awake.. chai teas or raw chocolate night to do these cartoons or I do them when I 1st wake up because I have very little attention energy that I can't use it up on other things.

I have to include watching my children in my cartoon making at my graphic tablet. I use it as good energy. I am behind enemy lines I live in a lefty town. I live Portland area. You know I don't feel safe walking around in trump gear. People get their cars torched here If they have a trump bumper sticker. I seen it on news. Cars on fire.

There's a few of us. My mind wishes. I feel like I'm in platonic love with a lot of you tubers that I follow. I really feel like I know them after listening to hours and hours of them talking every night.

I have to listen to the news by myself because my kids don't follow the news they're very young and the father of my kids when he comes home he likes to play his stuff I've never been allowed to play my stuff you know what I mean..even when I'm riding in a car I can't play what I wanna hear. I've never been like that never in like a decade. I've never been able to play what I want on the radio. I definitely cant put on conservative news! I always when in a car..I have to listen to flat earth livechats or guys with beards who are bald. I dont know who they are. and we do agree upon Owen Benjamin. I do hear anti trump stuff and it helps me be a better person . I hear caller ins yell and defend Trump and I laugh. I go into my bedroom usually or I buy really expensive earphones. All I have is my cell phone. No internet here. Its on a mountain too.

I've never been mediocrity mediocre I have a fear of it. I have a fear of being normal and average.. every day just like everyone else. I've never paid for cable TV. Once..for a friend..3 months. I've always read books. I'm just very different .

The thing that most disgusts me is weakness and I'm just disgusted. I'm turned off. I hate weakness in men. I hate it it's just so gross to me. I hate men who like Hillary Clinton. I can't be open to that sorry it's just a deal breaker for me it really is it's a deal breaker a man who likes Hillary Clinton that's a serious deal breaker and there's no fixing it...

unless you convert to trump.

I'm using whatever obstacles as strength to me. It's just common sense to me.. it's common sense and if you can't see it you're really really stupid and some people they can see it but they choose to put on blinders..

Alex Jones had on Owen Benjamin and I was really happy I can't wait to listen to Alex Jones today I'm supposed to be listening to alex every day but like I said having no power having no Internet Yes. it's really hard.

Be Best I can. The only things that make me happy.. the only focus.. the only support are these political cartoons. I know it seems like nothing and I know it seems like I have no skill yet but you know what I put everything into them and thinking of a good cartoon and the symbolism it takes a lot out of you they say people look at cartoons 12 seconds but that person May have worked on that cartoon for 12 hours and it takes a lot out of you getting an idea and you feel so connected with it and then people look at your cartoon for 12 seconds it's no wonder people say that if you're a cartoonist you have something really really wrong with you.

I was watching the Robert crumb documentary and I always liked Robert crumb I like his sketch books and I was like his technique and I remember I seen fritz the cat when I was young by accident one night this was during cable TV premier.. the playboy channel parents were out 1 night and I watched it and I seen Fritz the cat when I was small by accident . I was flipping through the channels.. I saw a naked cartoon cat in a bathtub and black crows in washington square park.

but I had no idea his cartooning came out of so much so much pain he had 2 brothers and 2 sisters and they were all sexually abused by their father horrifically and they don't say it in the movie but I can tell the brothers were really screwed up and it wasn't Robert crumb who was talented it was the eldest who went kind of crazy he started doing cartoons as kids and he inspired the other brothers to do cartoons but his cartoons took a dark dark twist.

They later became almost gets a frantic the drawings.. so yeah people who draw you have to have something really wrong with you. Its introverted. Unless you are businessman picasso.

Charles Schultz the guy who invented Snoopy he was the most depressed person... but I don't know there could be some cartoonists out there who put on a front and maybe there are happy cartoonists.

My favorite cartoonists of all time are like Edward Gorey and Charles Adam's and I love them both but they really screwed up lives I read there are biographies

Also here some of my faves

OK so it's 8:00 in the morning

It's like I get I want to give myself a routine every day so I know exactly what I'm doing with these cartoons. Yes you know when I wake up I listen to drudge watch Alex take notes and whenever I take notes an idea comes up and then I just draw that cartoon

To me a capitalist is about one's own work one's own joy and the freedom to live it and not being scared of people around you but rather be protected by the people around you and having money is power I believe That money is the root of all good.

So what could I possibly do doing what I love and getting money from it getting paid and that would be political cartoons I absolutely love it I it's been 3 years and I just want more of it ..and you know these 4 days that I've had off guess what I was doing I was at the library looking up cartooning books.

OK so every minute every spare time that's not wasted I spend trying to get better and II take courses I took caricature classes digital paint classes I spend a 100 bucks getting a famous artist to talk to me

I love political cartooning honestly I have this fantasy but I'm too afraid to say it is that I meet another political cartoonist and well we have a platonic relationship but it still filled with lots of love and admiration and we guide and support each other and we give each other tips we tell each other what's funny and we we give each other the respect each cartoon is due.

One should really study it because there's a lot of symbols there's a lot of hidden clues there's a lot of words that you may have missed emotion anger and also you have to look at the ink work and you have to look at the wash and you know I would love to have a political cartoonist as like a best friend because I could get the truth about my cartoons and where I am you know needing help and what what what could be better you know advice stuff like that just constant advice..

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