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Seeing as I can't be trusted to click a tab and not close it tonight it seems I'm just gonna do this one quickly.

Its fairly straightforward - The people in power put in hints and references in things in a variety of ways to expose secrets unknowingly to the pubic.
This has an interesting psychological effect where people being shown these things in vague sort of childish ways in media then lessens their ability to properly notice the reality of it, its almost like a spell, a perception filter.

Basically Human suffering and great societal secrets are then re-jigged and re-purposed into entertainment for the masses, very much like how dead farm cows are ground up into food for the the rest of the herd... That was even referenced in a movie called cloud atlas where instead of cows it was human clones.

They feed us back to ourselves.. Physically and mentally as well.

If Life is stranger than fiction as they say, fiction is most likely derived from life then is it not? Stuff you see is more true than you think.

They reference so many things in so many ways in music and tv and shows... Even to the point of referencing the idea that things Are Referencing.

Observe clip below, taken from movie "The Faculty" (1998) - This reference is more or less unique in that it references the concept of referencing, very few things have done this, and never generally so clearly and concisely. Watch out for it -
Real Dreams, Bodysnatching Parasites, Cloning, Transferring consciousness to new bodies - These are the things that you must learn to see, and then soon you'll start to see them all the time, referenced in nearly everything.

People use Doing This as a way of excusing being punished for their crimes, saying they they Did tell us what was happening, and that its our fault for not noticing.

"We hold these truths to be self evident"

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Also, if you think This ^ clip is WAY OUT THERE... What about This One.. In a child's movie... Its kinda the thing that insane super rich people would be saying, no?
The fucked up thing being they put it in movies to soften people's reactions to them by always providing a feelgood resolution to the ending.
If you think everything will turn out fine anyway, why bother fighting..?
Its Another psychological tactic.
Any of you who remember supposed whistleblower "Drake" talking about 'Mass Arrests' back in 2012 will understand.
These things hint truth at you then are designed to placate you with ideas of false resolution and justice. Like when police forces do wrong and start an.. "Internal investigation".
You know no one really powerful is gonna get hurt by it.. But it placates people.. Sort of...

Oh and then the leader grasshopper 'Hopper' In this movie, has one fucked up eye..

Don't he...

They've been secretly showing you this world since before your parents were born.