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Today I am looking for a hot post, I found an @shayne post about #donaldmarshal. Incidentally I just read some articles last time about illuminati and I will discuss a little in my post this time.

Thank you for the contest to @fulltimegeek as a full witness.

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The Illuminati is essentially one of the parent of all conspiracy theories. Each theory, can be attributed to influential figures who hold power and manipulate the world from behind the scenes. Some of the great tragedies, wars and rebellions in world history have been linked with a mysterious powerful group that controls everything that happens in the world.

Many people do not know, but illuminati actually have a basis of fact. There was a secret society called "Illuminati" in Bavaria around the 1700s, although the group was finally destroyed before the end of the century. However, there are some people who believe that this group survived and still control the world from the shadows.

Basically the concept of illuminati has become a public secret, even those who do not know anything about conspiracy theories finally find out about the "New World Order" or other terms of the government conspiracy. In the last election, nearly a third of Americans believe that this secret society exists and controls the world. This data is enough to get the researchers to dig further. So where does the Illuminati conspiracy come from and how is it going? These are the surprising things you do not know about the Illuminati.

A Brief History: The Origin of Illuminati History

The origins / history of the Illuminati are terrible, they are a massacre of religious or religious, whoever they are. Later, the Illuminati became a secret organization for centuries. But now, in the era of digital and internet, the organization has many who know it and not a secret anymore.

But all his plans and agenda for the life of mankind on this planet, is still a secret. Only their group can know, and that is from the Illiminati elite. The Illuminati secret organization originally came from several people named Knights Templar. Who is the Knights Templar?

The Knights Templar is a gathering or commonly referred to as horsemen. At the present time is also called The Crusaders, or Order of the Temple of God. In fact, the Knights Templar was originally a devil worshiper or a satanist. Because they kill and regard religious people as enemies, it means that the Knights Templar are Satanists (not Satanists) and not religious.
Starting from Jerusalem: small children, women, parents and others they kill to be cut into small pieces and sometimes dumped into the river and make the river red.

King of France, Philippe Auguste (Philip II) when landing in Palestine to confront the Templars. (Detail of a miniature of King Philip II of France arriving in the Holy Land).

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From Jerusalem they went to Scotland, to the point of being intercepted by the French bishop. And crazy, these events were not included in history until the twentieth century. It is mentioned in many history books:

  • In 1955 by Maurice Druon entitled: "The Iron King (Le Roi de fer)"
  • In 1989 by John J. Robinson entitled: "Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry".
  • Year 20013 by Brown entitled: "The Da Vinci Code", and
  • Year 2006 by Steve Berry entitled: "The Templar Legacy".

Continuing the journey of the remaining Knights Templars who escaped from the Philip IV king of France led by Pope Clement V (Pope Clement V) finally went on and on to Scotland.

From the Knights Templar to Freemasonry

After some of them and their descendants get an important position. From here they formed a new society that we now know as a secret society known as "Freemasonry".

From Freemasonry to Illuminati

Their group eventually grew bigger and bigger, more influential and influential, and made the larger "Parent Organization" above Freemasonry, known today as the "Illuminati" secret society.

Like What is the Illuminati Symbol?

Here are at least 11 most widely used and most popular symbols of the Illuminati. Let's take a closer look. The symbols are:

1. The All-Seeing Eye

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2. The Pyramid

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3. The Owl

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4. Fire

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5. Pentagram

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6. Triple Six

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7. Skull

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8. Snake

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9. Baphomet

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10. Obelisk

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11. Monarch Butterfly

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The History of the Illuminati Exposed

Knights Templar | World History

So now we know a bit about the origin of the emergence of the "Illuminati" group and the symbols they use. Hope this can be a useful science for all of us. Full article on its history can visit this website.

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it is a fact that you write down, it is naive that people in this world do not think about their problems. So they are rampant. I salute with Donald Marshall who once lived by silencing them. Hopefully people like Donald Marshall can talk a lot for this. Terimaksih has been sharing good posts. I think @fulltimegeek will love your post.

I also strongly agree with you. this is a statement that must be expressed by each of us.

hi @riko and @rizkiavonna, thank you my visit blog
basically science that we should share and we must know the secrets of the government so we will not be fooled.

You are right. I a gree with you.

Wow nice information:) it’s good to explain the origins of the ‘illuminati’ like this and we can understand that it was a real society... that most likely still operates now. I wonder if they outright call themselves the illuminati or ignore its other high end Masonic/satanic groups like bohemian grove or skull and bones..? I wonder....
thanks for a thought provoking post I love it :) followed

We know that this group has never openly appeared in public to show its true identity. But their emergence and association and purpose is definitely a public secret. which everyone knows about their goals. Coupled with their emergence through the internet digital system.
Thank you for your comments and thank you too. :)

You’re right, so I wonder sometimes why so much suspicion. But from evidence we know that groups operate, and control media and juristictions... such as the sex rings that operate the the elite level. To me, there is enough evidence proving this and th reason for no prosecutions is due to being above the law and having control of the media. We the people must wake up, if we all open our eyes and see the truth we can change this systematic elitist model. I used to get so wound up but all of this... I still do, I just wish we could put a stop to it

I a gree with you.
but, we may be moved to stop it. but many do not care. the world is too blinded by evil deeds, fear also keeps them mute. it is very sad indeed this world law.

Very useful information and a quality article of friends. You did well. Hopefully many will support your post, including @v4vapid will surely be posting quality posts like this. Thank you for sharing
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