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celine (Feb 15, 2014 18:53:53 GMT -5)
Ashiya Austin shared a link.Sandy Hook is coming undone ...

Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook
Wolfgang W. Halbig doesn't believe anyone was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, and he's loo...


celine (Feb 17, 2014 19:18:16 GMT -5)
Lisa KaufmanHey Don...look at this video where it looks like Will is replaced by his clone!!! Thoughts???Prince William and Prince Harry help unload sandbags for Thames Valley flood victims – videotheguardian.comThe Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry help to load dozens of sandbags on to a railway truck in DatchetKaren Cutrer Corkern The first one was the clone.Merri Cowden Haha! Yes, lol, and so awkward and goofy, then suddenly takes off, as if somebody was giving him shit for being in view of the camera. The other guys appear to not think it's unusual to have a creepy double hanging around.Lina Seeka what a weird little video pointless. trying to make themselves look good.Merri Cowden Also, what the hell is taking wills so long to put on his damn jacket? Getting bullet proof stuff in place or something?Lina Seeka gotta put his gluvvys on his hands. his mum saidMerri Cowden LOL! I was thinking the same thing hehehehe! so prissyLina Seeka hes all cold, poor luv ... awwww Karen Cutrer Corkern The first one must be alot weaker. He could hardly lift the bag. Lol clone FAILED!!!Donald Marshall clones are weaker. Karen Cutrer Corkern Yea. I agree Donald. That's how I figured out the first one was a clone. Clone=whimp. LolPhilip Filonxo Lopes ...The only similarity is that he has a bald patch on the back of his head. Don't think they'd let press film with two Williams there

celine (Feb 19, 2014 9:14:03 GMT -5)
Rick HeskeyThe Queen was given the Bafta award last year for supporting the film industry, notice anything strange about the award?Photo: The Queen was given the Bafta award last year for supporting the film industry, notice anything strange about the award?Rick Heskey Mabe this will help...
...'Priceless' bronze statue of Greek god Apollo found in Gaza Strip
• Hamas officials seize statue after it appears on eBay• Doubt cast on fisherman's claim to have found item in seaRick Heskey John CollinsRick Heskey She admitted to keeping the award on top of her television set as its one she enjoys to look at, not for its supporting film attachment but for its more dark illuminati connection and the depiction of the "All Seeing Eye"

celine (Feb 19, 2014 17:18:25 GMT -5)
Annamaria Dienes shared a linkwho is doing this,hungry vrills?
Sinkholes : Vehicles, Homes, & People Swallowed by the Earth all across the World | Environmentbeforeitsnews.comTerrifying sinkholes are appearing all across the globe. Some are five times their normal size and others are under water....James Rietdijk It's the result of shifting tectonic plates. Sink holes and earthquakes are both becoming increasingly common due to pressure changes under the earth. The pressure changes are a result of oil mining. Every time we drill for oil, we release pressure from under the earth. Eventually we will cause the biggest earthquake the earth has ever seen.Donald Marshall they are leaking methane and that helps with the weather manipulation things that the Illuminati do.Shemila Alexander one thing comes to mind when i see this...HAARP

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