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celine (Feb 10, 2014 16:52:32 GMT -5)
Phil Chuppa shared a link.gone baby
PRINCESS KATE FLEES UK WITH BABY GEORGE. | BDTNbreakingdownthnews.blogspot.comPRINCESS KATE FLEES UK WITH BABY GEORGE.Phil Chuppa she thought the the queen looked hungry didnt want to take any chances......Allison Kennedy i cried for the baby the way it looked at the queen , of course they are all bowing down to the queen . Makes me picture her at CC , that they all bow down. You can hear George crying at first

Prince George's Christening: Royal Family gather for serviceCharles Bull HAHA


celine (Feb 10, 2014 18:45:23 GMT -5)
Eric Stokes posted to ‎Donald MarshallI noticed tarantula legs above your clone on the Megadeth album cover and was wondering if that was the hybrid spider/horse creature or was that added in later?Donald Marshall I always figured it was like fly in the spiders web, The spider horse (Spider spike walker) has slightly shorter legs and they're hard, covered in a beige shell legs are like a spiders but shell like crab and all legs wnd in killer deadly spikes, the segments are angular 8 legs, can run on 6 and stab with the 2 smaller front "fighting" legs as they've called them.Laurence Mountford Somewhat like this Acklay from Star Wars
Laurence Mountford Which you see for the first time in Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones, in giant arena for the entertainment of basically monsters on the planet Geonosis which if you break the word down is Geo or Earth and Nosis or Gnosis as in Knowledge, which is what we have now, of the Earth, just sayin
Eric Stokes that's some crazy shit...I was wondering if that's what ripped your clone's chest open on there?What do they use Dave Mustaine for at the cloning center? And you should call Alex Jones on his show sometime and make him confess about his participation at the clone center.Thanks man.


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