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Astral Light (Feb 8, 2014 11:30:47 GMT -5)
Laurence Mountfordlisten to the song, listen to the goddamn songJay-z's part is don describing in a nutshell the situationI know cuz i just came from skyping don where he explained this in detail1.44 - Kanye dont like sayin sounds don made upAASSINNEWNAWWKanye West - Monster ft. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z & Bon Iver [OFFICIAL VIDEO]Laurence Mountford
Tammy Wust And kayne's lyric "have you ever had sex with a pharoahhhh?" I remember don was saying about him being one! Donald Marshall look at his face and frustration at 1:44 as he says assinoonowww... lol Tammy Wust Goosebumps!Tempa Westbrook Very dark & evil-ish, no doubt. I think people with taste for good music would be turned-off. They've "crossed the line" & shot themselves in the foot with this B.S. Lol!Baaad energy.Lee Ann Hand The video is blocked, can't watch it Seth Frost "ehh, it's new now."Seth Frost And it's reached a level of cheesiness now that will kill what remains of "hip hop"Karen Cutrer Corkern I hope you didn't write that song. It's dumb!! LolJosh Brown hey tupac talks about oppression and being under surveillance and his mother was in the black panthers "cointelpro" Tupac=realest rapper of all time!Josh Brown killuminatiAdair Dfwtf Sheppard Tupac was down with the illuminati lmaoJosh Brown that's why he says killuminati trust me you cant school me on pacAdair Dfwtf Sheppard Lol, man, u must be newTim Lunn is that supposed to be Don she's dragging at 1:19?Laurence Mountford sadly yesErick Quinones Video is blocked you have several videos like that that you postLaurence Mountford if you ever find that a video is blocked its most likely some BS to do with region and whatnot so usually when that happens to me i just search the vid on the google. usually one can find it without much issue. just search the music vidErick Quinones Ok thanks keep up the good fight LaurenceNoelle Macy Smith None of you niggas seen the shit that i've seen, I still fucking scream in my dreams... wowQuentin Trihy Nicki`s a sexy bitchHolly Preston Can someone send me another link to this video please but so it plays in my damn country fanxLaurence Mountford just search the vid on the internet. find your own region free version.Holly Preston Just read up to your comment Laurence ill try googleLaurence Mountford usuallay works for mee Holly Preston Damn... I wasn't expectin that the beginning shocked meJosh Brown how can pac be illumaniti hes black lmaoDonald Marshall LOL!!!David Weir Don are you the only person on earth who has ever seen and openly talked about the Vril? Tila doesn't count, she called them the "others".Donald Marshall no lots have see them, others that tried to talk about them were killed... cooper Schneider Gunderson, and others.Donald Marshall she called them lotsa things, reptilian drones, parasites lotsa stuff... everything but the word Vrill.David Weir Well that makes you the bravest man in the world. In the New Marshall Order, immunity should be offered to anyone who comes forward. How can you get others to join in?Donald Marshall been trying,... they're all hesitant, because they dont want to die or get tortured...Donald Marshall The Don of a New Era? Donald Marshall hahahahaahaDavid Weir The child sex and sacrifice is what will bring them down. When enough are going down there may be a few to come forward. I have had people say this is creepy, but not say it is a lie. They are at least thinking and wondering.Donald Marshall everyone'll know sooner or later.Vinny Hren I still think this song is dope, except nikki minaj's part I always skip to the next song when her part startslink 2 post:

Astral Light (Feb 8, 2014 12:17:26 GMT -5)
Annamaria Dienes
Are They Biblical Demons? Aliens Caught Alive with HornsDonald Marshall half the people in this vid attend cloning.Annamaria Dienes i guessed too...Barbara Ives too long, I just want to see the creatures.Donald Marshall you may change your mind once you see them.David Weir My question is can we defeat them? Will they go away if we get our house in order? I hope I never meet one.Donald Marshall they will be forced out.Barbara Ives I don't want to meet one, just see a photo of it lollink 2 post:

Astral Light (Feb 8, 2014 12:48:18 GMT -5)
Adair Dfwtf SheppardIs this really possible? Can people really use chi? Donald Marshall not from what I've seen... all I've ever seen is monks make their hands hot by concentrating. The Shaolin Monk stuff is mostly magician parlor tricks.Adair Dfwtf Sheppard Oh okay Just always wondered. At 1:50 he makes newspaper catch fire with his hand. But it could just be fakePhil Chuppa off to work, douchy guy leave Don alone he bites.......check in in the morning.Adair Dfwtf Sheppard douchy guy?Donald Marshall wrong thread Phil Chuppa lolAdair Dfwtf Sheppard lolLina Seeka hahaha oh dear. you lot, so funny. needed a smile. Douchy guy LMAOLina Seeka i wanted to learn abt chi b4. yrs ago. more power behind your punch & the other 1 that i cant remember. never mind. not important right now.Adair Dfwtf Sheppard same here lolLina Seeka Donald i will gently let the lady know. no dramas. but i need you to answer this. Tommy lee. from motley he for or against the lifestyle?Donald Marshall forKC Up To Bat (Person Using Chi Energy) you don't know about "chi" have to know if you want to know who you really are.Lina Seeka Donald msgng uKaren Cutrer Corkern Yes some ppl can do that. But very few. IMOFredrik Beckman seen this before I belive its reallink 2 post:

Astral Light (Feb 8, 2014 12:51:31 GMT -5)
Adair Dfwtf SheppardlolDonald Marshall they dont morph... they'd like you to believe that they do though.Allison Kennedy MIGHTY MORPHIN NINJA VRILLAdair Dfwtf Sheppard I used to think they morphed a long time ago lolAllison Kennedy LOL XDD yeah i believed in aliens and thought i met plastic ken and barbie one night ! i swear on my life i met some drones or clones & you know how you have that sixth sense? Well alarm bells were ringing & we escaped from them b/c they were going to abduct us TRUE STORYAdair Dfwtf Sheppard hahah foreal? thaT Sounds pretty trippy lol I sometimes thought my teacher was a droneLina Seeka freaky, Allison Astral Lightlink 2 post:

celine (Feb 8, 2014 18:48:34 GMT -5)
Adair Dfwtf Sheppard shared a link.My cousin wants to know if you had anything to do with this song.. Sakura Card Captors - Upside DownDonald Marshall noAdair Dfwtf Sheppard oh okay

celine (Feb 8, 2014 20:43:51 GMT -5)
Erik Frene shared a link.The Cloned Anti-ChristPrince William ~ The Cloned Anti-ChristWas Prince William cloned from the Shroud of Turin to be raised as the Anti-Christ? Find out more from Dr. Joye Pugh [02-07-09]
Donald Marshall... nah just an inbred goofball.

celine (Feb 8, 2014 20:59:10 GMT -5)
DianeHelen ChurchArch Angel Lorraine Townsend I was reading up on the archangels last night before I went to sleep and Chris Thomas understanding of them is quite different then I was lead to believe. According to his book The Human Soul, on page 218 in the glossary, he writes " Arch Angel:traditionally, the chief messenger (Angel) between branches of the Jewish priesthood. Persona taken on by various " spirit guides" when working with channels who needed an ego boost. The title has been hijacked by the Hathor is order to mislead". kinda hard to explain who the Hathor are, but without going into a huge amount of detail. Two of the sub races of the Velon race, called Annunaki and Hathor are the bad guys and have been causing problems with the human race for over 300 years. Donald Marshall has called these Aliens Vrill, and that might be a nickname of the Velon race.DianeHelen Church and it goes without saying that there are many interpretations of what Arch Angels are. They all have some truth. Who really knows? Just chose one that you feel is right.Lorraine Townsend thank's DianeHelen Church... in trying to understand what's real and what not, love your input.Deborah Ferro Pfister yea can be hard to tell the difference because theyre so cleverDianeHelen Church Yep, Lorraine Townsend and I continue to question the answers, about everything. Yes, I align with his information, so far. If I find another theory that feels right, I will go with that. In my 45 plus years of seeking my truth, I still do not have all the answers. I keep affirming/praying that the veils of illusion be lifted from me and every human being.

celine (Feb 9, 2014 14:18:18 GMT -5)
Veronica Bevan Jones shared a link.What is your take on this Donald MarshallDr.Jonathan Reed - Working Together with RespectDr.Jonathan Reed - Alien Encounter. Best Evidence of Alien Contact in The History of Mankind -Case of Dr.Jonathan ReedVeronica Bevan Jones The Alien being "Freddie" as it tried to communicate with Dr.Jonathan Reed in his garage.-Facebook : DrJonathan Reed

  • Dr Jonathan Re...See moreDonald Marshall Freddie the alien huh? in his garage?Veronica Bevan Jones It's a long story, but are the noises the same as the Kril your talking about?Fredrik Beckman Vrill you meen

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