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celine (Feb 6, 2014 20:26:12 GMT -5)
Erik Frene shared a link.The Downfall of the Vatican The Queen & The Systemshare share share share ,you will never see this on alex jones or mark dice shows, ask yourself why, they are supporters of the Jesuit roman catholic agenda


freehumans (Feb 7, 2014 9:09:19 GMT -5)
Rob Dutze to ‎Donald Marshall Mr. Donald Marshall, Sir. I have been thinkin about all this Pope stuff and the Vatican. Here is what I know. Nostradamus was one of the first heads of the Priory of Sion and most of what they put out, as Prophecy, and held secret were lies they made up for Their "End of the World" nonsense that we are seeing them try to play out. So yes, in my eyes going to the Vatican is a Trap. Or They're that stupid and believe their own lies. That's my thoughts on that. ·

freehumans (Feb 7, 2014 13:09:56 GMT -5)
Charisma Sabrina KnoxOk. Let the show begin.British man arrested in Thailand with suitcase full of dead babies to have been used in black...
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Chow Hok Kuen, 28, a British citizen born in Hong Kong, was arrested in Bangkok after police seized six...John K Thompson good grief that's terrible, if true..the suitcase that is, not the man being arrested, lol

freehumans (Feb 7, 2014 13:27:41 GMT -5)
Micael John Taylor Hi there Donald Marshall, I’ve came across something interesting it seems nearly the Illuminati are left handed, nearly all the royal family, US presidents, David Cameron and most of the Rothschilds are lefties. I know why the Intelligence Agencies recruit left handed people, but what's the connection with lefties and the IlluminatiSonya Goodman Maples my youngest son was ambidextrous but once in school they pushed and pushed for him to be only a rightie...Michael John Taylor Interesting Sonya, they tried converting me also at Nursery, wasn't having any of it i'm still a leftie LOL. Just Curious why the Illuminati are into lefties there's definitely some agenda here, i'm wondering if it's the same reason the intelligence agencies are fond of them ?Sonya Goodman Maples It is intriguing...must be something to itKaren Cutrer Corkern Their also mainly Rh neg blood to. Alot of Rh negs are either lefties or ambidextrous. But not all.

freehumans (Feb 7, 2014 13:47:22 GMT -5)

Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama's 'Ignoring Laws' Could Lead to Overthrow of Government BY Mat Larson...Phil Chuppa The truth about the United States, law & YOU (Extended version/more info). This is a MUST WATCH !

This video may be long but it will explain everything in a way even a beginner w...See more.

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