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celine (Feb 4, 2014 7:06:10 GMT -5)
Laurence Mountford"Police Find 50 Bags of Heroin in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Apartment"I think thats a bit overkill dont you?Smells fishy Wishy to MishyLiving Corpse Yea dope fiends usually hide them well guess he bucked a little in the inner sanctum of Hollywood illuminaughty child rapistsDonald Marshall that's a little overkill...Celene Alf Menschel and what he want to do with these 50 bags? is he adiler? i think not? is he a user? meybie, but he wouldnt ahve it in 50 bags, but only one bag! conspiricy? yes sir 50 bags hahaha , like that dude wich done suicide and throw himself over a bridge in a black trash bags , three bags and he was choped to pices, and he made suicide


freehumans (Feb 4, 2014 10:03:47 GMT -5)
Phil Chuppa shows MKUltra millitary using own children Hollywood itself is a psyop. people programmed to kill. manufactured stars that didnt make their own music. Phil Chuppa David McGowan, Military Industrial Entertainment in Laurel Canyon, Trans Resister Radio interview
David McGowan talks about his article series Ins...See more.Phil Chuppa Laurel Canyon=mind control and child abuse.

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