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Astral Light (Jan 30, 2014 20:20:36 GMT -5)
Danielle Campbell shared Rob Dutze's videoCheck this out. Happening in Georgia too.Doesn't drip, melt and turns black as if scorching. Near Cincinnati
Living Corpse Holy shitBob Garr WTF?Danielle Campbell This video contains other vids as well, people reporting this all over Fake Snow that won't melt is really Nanobots 2014Laurence Mountford thats not goodLaurence Mountford NaniceKaren Cutrer Corkern Where I live people can light their water on fire.Dolly Valentine I have to test my snow now!Dolly Valentine Snow Report: In the Carolinas the snowball lighter test didn't make a black mark and melted like real snow/ice should.Karen Cutrer Corkern If I would have seen this I would have tested the snow here. Rob Dutze Dolly Valentine I'm glad you said that. People are saying the black mark is from the butane in the lighter and that snow has air pockets so doesn't melt like full on ice. Sublimation or some shit, goes from solid to gas without the liquid phase. Just doesn't make sense to me why it wouldn't have dripped and melted away in my hand. It didn't even lose any mass. I even put some in a bowl and put salt on it, nothing, it just sat there looking at me. Maybe you have real snow thereKaren Cutrer Corkern Rob. If you think about it. What better way to get the chemtrails down on us faster? SNOW!Dolly Valentine I saved it in my freezer for more testing if I need to! I believe the chemtrails are real just not everywhere all the time. Yeah, real snow here this time ! Something is not right about your snow where you are at Rob!Donald Marshall If snow won't melt to water, people will not be able to melt snow for water consumption in emergencies... water control... this needs to be looked into. asapErik Frene Debunking fake snow with scienceMichael J Kahnke Most of these snow-melting videos are silly. I fully support chemtrail whistleblowers, BTW. Their ARE retardants that slow down snowmelt. The ski industry has a 100 varieties of these nucleating, protein-based, biodegradable agents. BUT if you hold a butane lighter against the bottom of a ball of hand-compacted snow you will get soot from the hydocarbon fuel. It will stink like plastic. The snow will shrink fromthe flame and grow denser as the spongelike mass absorbs the water. Eventually, it will melt. I've watched a dozen of these, and they are well-meaning, but not conclusive. I remain open-minded.Erik Frene i post many interesting not often seen stuff in my group, check it out and join and see why so many like the postings
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Astral Light (Jan 30, 2014 20:26:27 GMT -5)
Annamaria Dienes
A real-life demon possession is being reported in IndianaDolly Valentine super creepy!Donald Marshall All lot of them... you could have one living right next door and not know it, just think you have a strange neighbor... they're are a lot of 2 post:

Astral Light (Jan 30, 2014 20:48:25 GMT -5)
Celine O'carrollpost in forum from allforall....I noticed Don was surprised to hear that israel is Isis,Ra,and Saturn (el), and that it helped make sense of the way some were acting at cloning. I wanted to expand on this point hopefully to shed some light it was nice to see him light up over some fresh info.If I may first make a personal extrapolation, I'm not trying to tell anybody that chakras are magic wheels or energy vortexes, as I don't fully understand it myself, but the concepts they represent are so strong and what really matters at this point. Of the 7 chakras that represent the 7 planets visible to the naked eye, the sacrum (bottom) chakra represents saturn. Order, time, structure, and the big one...ritual. This is equatable to the brainstem and how it governs the body's rhythms. Santos Bonacci speaks of our brain producing a neutral oil that gets sent down our spine and altered at each gland (or chakra point whatever), where it gets to the bottom and it's supposed to work it's way back up to keep neural activity at a maximum, but through bad habits and shit food we keep ourselves in a state of acidity which burns the oil up before it gets a chance to rise up our spine. He states Hali Kali (Father Fire or the sun) is where Alkali comes from, while acidity is saturn (forgive me for being at a loss of the etymology of that one)Now speculation aside, saturn worship is rampant with systems of control. From it being everywhere in corporate logos (nike swoosh being the most well known), to courts, churches, fraternities, robes and hymns and candles...anything with ritualistic behavior is saturnian, even the wedding ritual where you accept the ring of saturn on your finger. Though I suggest there are positive aspect to ritual, such as aligning with circadian rythms, study, or practice. These are rituals with a purpose. This all ties to those with reptile consciousness (not just drones and lizards, also those with severe left brain imbalance operating in the brain stem...golems) being obsessed with ritual. There could always be more to it but at the very least it gives comfort to the weak minded through the illusion of control.Not sure if you saw this Donald, but I gotta say it shook me when you said a vrill's brain is a hexagon. Do you know if it's the case for all vrill types? I assumed type one didn't think about it again until now. - Hexagon at Saturn's Pole 1:48As a final and extremely important note, Don I noticed you stated that there would be a loss of social order without police. It may seem arrogant to say you are under mind control, especially after everything you have been through, so please don't take it personally but everybody needs to hear it. The hardest part of waking up and accepting personal responsibility is coming to terms with the fact that we've been duped. Think about how police are always right there to enforce policy, yet they show up after the fact when it comes to crimes of theft (rape/murder/vadalism..all of it is theft). This isn't by malice of the officers but the way it's organized. One of my favorite lines..."When seconds matter the police are just minutes away". Props to whoever it was stating that all police are paid with stolen money. I felt like a fool after reading that for not thinking it myself. Just remember that we are always in court, we are the witness. De facto courts are just another way of submitting authority to dominators. Would you not help somebody in danger just because you weren't wearing a badge? Social order is already at a loss because we have to beg for permission to defend ourselves, and we could still get locked up for shooting intruders in some places. Nobody helps each other now because most are psychological children who scream "call the police!" in times of need instead of being capable of looking out for your brothers and sisters yourself.Please take the time to watch this as it not only gives great insight on how we operate psychologically, but also why it is inherently wrong to be a part of the police/military. Direct conflict with Natural Law. Mark Passio - Occult Mockery of the Police and Military 1:12:34Freedom is directly proportional to MoralityDidn't mean everybody needs to hear Don is under mind control. Meant people need to hear that they are under mind control if they believe external authority is legitimate.Laurence Mountford good points allforall, good points. they love ritual, they love pomp and circumstance n from what i see its was alot based around Vrill in the first place. As above so below is apt here. sure we basically blew up our planetary situation and saw it in the stars as everything seems to be a reflection of everything else. I have come to believe IS RA EL is Vrill encoded. at least now anyway. the trinity components of life are there in it too. there lots of stuff. but it all accumulated over 1000s of years to the point where we can look at it now and ascribe so many meanings to it. the Hexagon is a universal life pattern. it has six points, thus 6 is important to the elites because they use this knowledge to dominate, but its not inherrently evil. saturn isnt bad, vrill are bad, but Vrill were associated with saturn for reasons because probably for ages we didnt say Vrill. they built ritual to hide themselves, according to Don it doesnt do anythingLaurence Mountford that being said, we all have our little rituals which work for us in our own ways, so Their rituals do work in the idea that they do create the circumstances for control and stuff, so really they only work because people believe in them working. fun times. but I do agree with Allforall in the idea of personal responsibility, people need to be able to be independent and stand up for whats right. problem is they ironically need to be led to being that way. right now people see the world a certain way, and as long as that is so their minds will work it so they dont respond the way they should to things I.e like compassionate human beings. its happening slowly as people realize. but you cant go from A to B overnight, people are still set in ways and it will take the current generations longer to acclimatize to new ways than future generations. Don knows this and understands that you literally cant just expect everyone to be free and know what to do instantly. they will need to be eased into it. control will still have to be there in some form. but that control will spread more evenly throughout the people as time goes on just as it receeded and became uneven in the past, problem is getting to that point, but we will, cause of forward thinking people like AllforallNoelle Macy SmithLina Seeka just seen this. Unknown Sea Creature Filmed in Persian GulfDonald Marshall interesting and informative. link 2 post:

Astral Light (Jan 30, 2014 21:25:37 GMT -5)
Annamaria Dienes even naive people should wake up,why these kids became monsters,and why they all get problems with eyes...Illuminati Stars - Before And AfterDonald Marshall They were just "little" monsters back then... lolDonald Marshall When raised that way it's just normal to them.Karen Cutrer Corkern Look at most of their parents. Terrible!!link 2 post:

celine (Jan 31, 2014 23:42:07 GMT -5)
Cindy CollinsWhat do you guys think?? This came from Don Adams facebook page. per Kiler Davenport "Breaking news from Washington. our contacts have just informed us that the administration will be announcing the roundup, reprogramming and confinement of all American citizens over the next few months. all reeducation camps are now open and fully staffed with military personal. also the president will be giving us a full explanation and overview of the takeover of the world by creatures that have been with us from the beginning of time. these creatures are demanding our full and focused attention or they will destroy us on sight. we have been implanted with dot chips and other control triggers that will be activated in the coming days. these dots will erase your memories of your children , family , friends and others to keep this operation running calm and smooth. if any of you resist you will be eliminated on location and your body will be burned. the president will also announce the fact that we are a computer simulation and have been running for over 1,000,000,000 years. our purpose here has been to train the massive super computers in this solar system and to make ready for our part in developing other systems that are coming in to this reality. their are trillions and trillions of realities just in this physical realm. many of your brains will be transplanted and used for data terminals in this new matrix. you could look at this as a game of sorts, a very sick game but non the less a game. for after all we are just ones and zeros. we will keep you posted on this story. may God be with us all and to all a good day."Laurence Mountford lol, hints laid throughout mixed with general conspiracy stuff to confuse you into not knowing which bit is true, if you already dont know which bits are true. then theres bits like, hmm. the forgeting thing is interesting. that even sounds perhaps possible. but i dont know, i have not heard of anything like that so perhaps not. but really? the race that's been with us since the dawn of time. at least try to make it sound more insaneAlison Raffaele That movie, "the awakening" I think it was called sounds a lot like this, doesn't sound like a possible outcomeLaurence Mountford one of the films ive heard of but not seenDonald Marshall Sounds like something Tila would write hahahaha.Rob Dutze Kiler Davenport is a strange fella. Heard him on Kate of Gaia's radio show bout a year ago til she ran him off

celine (Feb 1, 2014 0:08:54 GMT -5)
Adair Dfwtf Sheppard shared a link.Schwarzenegger-Bush Homosexuals & together in SATANIC RITUALS & HUMAN SACRIFICENOW ARNOLD IS HOMOSEXUAL AND FOR THIS REASON IS INVOLVED WITH POLITICIANS AND OF COURSE HE IS PRESENT IN BOHEMIAN GROVE FOR THE HUMAN SACRIFICES.Laurence Mountford Ill Bee BareBahcked (Schwarzenegger voice)Sonya Goodman Maples lol Laurence!!Donald Marshall They do actually go homo hog wild at cloning and sometimes in real life... it's really disgusting and they try to be as disgusting as possible. The Illuminati are very gross... very very gross.Lina Seeka they sure love their cocks. men who like men who like men who like menSonya Goodman Maples yes they doDonald Marshall they're extreme perverts... you've never seen anything like it... extreme.Sonya Goodman Maples yeah, it's gotta be pretty damn gross around there and they have been trying to turn all of us into perverse's worked with many...Lina Seeka & they normalising things that aint right.Sonya Goodman Maples ...exactlyLina Seeka... i want to scream at ppl. stop giving birth to more victims for these scum. we dont find out until after the event thoits actually our duty. (or should be) to find out everything there is to know of any importance. BEFORE we bring a life into this world. only we dont realise, until after we have had children. & thats exactly how 'they planned it to be. our ignorance is their shield of protection... 'protectzion 'Michael Allan Charley... What about Warren Buffett and Arnold?Donald Marshall.... Arnold has been there since I was a kid, unsure who Warren Buffet is.Taylor Thomas... Warren buffet is the richest man in the world.Michael Allan Charley ....The face in the pictures may jar your memory.
Warren Buffet The Illuminati's Sleeper Cell Of Corruption Within The United States!politicalvelcraft.orgDepopulation is a key plan for the very rich and also a chaos buffer from prosec...See moreDonald Marshall Can't remember... he looks like the usual generic looking pedophile... have seen like 80 old ugly guys that look like this.Michael Allan Charley Just kind of wondered.1 February at 23:44 · LikeDonald Marshall He would be there then... all the high up masons are there... in one of the cloning centers... there are many cloning centers.1 February at 23:47 · Like · 2Phil Chuppa GET TO THE CHOPPA- Arnold in Predator.

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