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celine (Nov 13, 2018 14:38:14 GMT -5)
Donald Marshall28 October 2018My good friend Laurence Mountford will be doing his first livestream on YouTube tonight. Discussing multiple topics about cloning and aliens. I’ll be in the chat room. I hope you join in. Here is his YouTube channel. in about 2 hours. 🔆
Laurence Mountford....... I will do my bestDonald Marshall....... Do better than your best. I’ll have you horsewhipped in town square.Celine O'carroll .........Ah not for another 2 hours?Donald Marshall....... Around two hours from now. So he says. 😊Laurence Mountford .......This is taking time. Its all new to me.Celine O'carroll .............Aww..😣 was tryin to stay awake but wont be able to stay up til then cos v early start and on a long day tomorow ...pity...oh well ..Ill have to watch tomorow of luck Laurence.Asad Mirza ......How much time left?Donald Marshall .....Go look. It says. 😊Laurence Mountford .........Will be going live for 2:30 for definite.Laurence Mountford .........In 30 minsVince Bryan .......I’ll def be watching! Perfect timingRob Dutze........ Watchin now. Great job guysSean Rats LeClerc glad someone is finally doing what we set out to do with least we wont have to listen to that fool talk about Ramens...missed the first one but im subbed to you Grape-Fingers, sub back if you dareShin Shade....... I am gathering a group of biker smokers to mob this above ground base. I figure as long as they have no fear and smoke ciggerettes the demons are shit out of luck and jolly well fucked bang bang.Celine O'Carroll....You did a great job Laurence. Thankyou.Read more:

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