hevyisthehed (Nov 6, 2018 4:49:03 GMT -5)
I think i realize why the powers that be no longer care to remain unknown I belive the world as we know it will soon end agenda 21 is real multi-generational and more that likley multi-species takeover of the entire planet has already been in effect for several years bye destroying religion the home taking jobs while at the same time pitting the world against each other race against race religion against religion politics against politics and by using music and the Illuminati 2 put out propaganda and really whatever the hell they want in movies and through also all the gold wealth of the entire planet has already been seized by killing any foreign ruler that has any type of gold that could possibly put up a fight they have left the entire planet with nothing but the Rothschild own dollar research the United States of America is a business it is still owned and operated by the Vatican the Rothschilds the Illuminati and all other globalist elites and it is not just in the United States 95% of the planet is going to die they will keep just as much of us as needed the rest are expendable and when you think about it it all makes sense the pharmaceutical Industries getting everybody on drugs why the same time arresting anybody who sells them and also being the providers of the drugs that they are arresting people for the CIA has been caught smuggling drugs into American cities the United States cards poppy fields currently during the heroin epidemic in Afghanistan because whenever you owned the government you own the army 9/11 was a false flag operation and it worked to justify and occupation of the Middle East thus killing Gaddafi as well as sadaham and taking over any other country with any gold at the same time securing the poppy fields for the planned opioid epidemic juat as I believe another false flag will be used to control fear so we will give up all the rights we have they still want but this time i believe an alien race will be blamed so sort of craft will be sent to earth and attack some how and because of all the sci-fi movies people just know just how to react when aliens arrive mass panic will break out marshal law will be enforced and from there they will open the cities for the whole story go to the website above they have tricked us and lied to us a manipulated us to hate each other so that way we could never stand up together that's why the constant news stories of racism and religious hatred and the constant nothing but violence you hear on the news they prey on our fear they use fear to control after 9/11 the NSA was created giving the government complete free range to do whatever the hell they wanted they make us fear everything because they know people that are afraid or more easy to control everything they do is about control they've killed anybody who has stood up in them any musician who wanted out any politician that tried to fight and probably me soon too they know that as long as they keep us fighting and hating they win an unexplainable Force of some type is how I found myself to this website today whenever the United of America won its independence the rulers of Europe knew they would never be able to win a war by force so they bought the United States with the Federal Reserve Act it's all part of a giant plan these people have been in power for centuries you know why because they make a good plan they knew it would take more than 5 years 10 years 20 years for this plan to come into fruition they knew it would take a very long time but that's the thing about wealth it takes time to acquire and after reading the information I recieved here today it makes even more sense of course they don't care about their plan taking a long time what does it matter when you essentially live forever the reason that all this is coming into the light now is because it's honestly too late they've dumbed down the population to such a degree that most of them don't care sheep need a Shepard and they taken anybody with any kind of outside thought and labeled them crazy they wanted to make sure even if somebody did try to stand up nobody would believe them that the government is all knowing and all powerful the school system was not to teach children but to indoctrinate them while taking any student who thought freelee and outcasting them all they've done is taught children to do nothing but obey obey obey listen to what you are told repeat the information. they've killed out anybody with a spirit or will we have all been taught do nothing but work pay taxes and die we are sheep nothing more I really hope this message get to those who need it the only positive note is after having spent the last 20 years an atheist I believe now that a Divine being of some sort may be not the petty jealous human like entity he is portrayed through our religions something brought me to this website today and I consider it due diligence to at least try and do my part to inform anybody who takes the time to read this but i do not know what can be done this series of events has been in place longer than most of us have been alive and will no doubtedly continue I was told to come to this website today by force that up until a few hours ago I wasn't even sure I believed in I hope ive done the right thing

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