alexander (Apr 28, 2018 10:33:05 GMT -5)
Hello,I am a 20 year old male from Orlando Florida. Around 2 years ago my reality was flipped upside down. I grew up in an expensive neighborhood, with homes averaging around $400,000. My father claimed to have been a magician and I was brought up with a Leopard (asian leopard) (big cat) in my back yard, kept in a cage. (really expensive)I realized as i grew older the girl next door, Nicole, 4 years older, tall, blonde, incredibly smart and sexy, school prodigy. I realized she was being brought up satanically - however her existence was no where near as painful as mine, so I did not intervene. She has come out strong, independent, and is now in business for herself as an alternative healer bringing in around $200,000/year at the ripe age of 24. I grew up in the central Florida suburbs (40minutes from disney, north) and have my own license, however my car is bugged (most likely) and was my father's choice - Mazda 3 2016. Don't tell me the weather gauge doesn't look like a freaking camera. NOW my psychosis hit me when I saw her with a boyfriend (whom she is no longer with), who had everything I had and more. (we both had long hair, except his was blonde) (he was an app developer worth over $40million) Within 2 weeks of my episodes, I had already found Donald marshall's pro board, his theory about cloning centers, and the satanic head chips. I in no way shape or form am claiming to have been chipped, nor am i claiming to know anyone who was chipped. I am on the contrary still debating on the possibility of me having been cloned, and the same with nicole. (although thats impossible) as I have a certificate of Live Birth. I wouldn't put it past my father to have cloned himself like Dr. Evil - while denying my mother a child - who is divorced, however for now im writing this off.However during my psychosis - which started after realizing I had lost the love of my life, my only true soul mate, I am never going to be the sameDuring my psychosis - I experienced very vivid, real, hallucinations about a video game. I was hospitalized in a behavioral clinic, i had my own room as things were getting pretty serious - I was jumping from bed to bed - playing the floor is lava, etc.The game is set in a dystopian technologically advanced society, the game is called Jak 3 and it was designed perfectly with total accuracy for playstation 2. Whoever designed this game knows something about the cloning center.The have enemies called the METALHEADSTHIS IS REALTHIS IS A REAL PLACETHEY DESIGNED IT OUT OF MEMORYI HAVE SEEN THE ARENADEATH IS AGONY SOULS GO BACK TO THE METAL HEAD FARM WHERE THEY FIGHT FOR HONOR, OR THE WASTELANDS In the game there is an arena, whereupon survivors become citizens of a certain underground society or city (called SPARGUS) and are forced to make their homes, if they are exiled from the original, main, not as dystopian new york style city. Everyone living in the city has survived the trial of the arena- a room with obstacles, where 4 to 20 gladiators face off against each other with futuristic weapons in a fight to the death.The purity of the arena is the last place in my episodes that souls can enter into, the absolute last stop for redemption.My question to you guys is,How do we go about getting there?If someone is so sick and desperate to fight for redemption, how can I get there to get nicole back?

alexander (Apr 28, 2018 10:46:13 GMT -5)
I also got very sick and managed to get into alternative healing and was working towards going to chiropractic school, when my neighbor came over with her boyfriend and basically beat me to it (she had her undergrad in business) and was already in chiro school!!!!I almost died!!!!We had these vents in our house in the floor that were asbestos and I'm 100% positive i was droned around 3 am by some sort of small animal, we kept cats and i felt as if lizards where wearing my cats as skins!I Had this white like finger looking thing poke my eye at 3 am in 2013 when i was nearly 15 years old. I then developed SWALLOWING PROBLEMS AKA DYSPHAGIA and LOST OVER 60LBS in 3 MONTHS. I COULDNT EVEN DRINK WATER IT WAS SO BAD.I RESORTED TO FISH OIL ESSENTIAL OIL PARASITE DOCTORS (HOW I FOUND THIS BLOG BACK THEN) AND AM ONLY NOW MAKING AN ACCOUNT. DURING THE DRONING PROCESS I HAD STAYED UP AN ENTIRE WEEK STRAIGHT, THOUGHT EVERYONE WAS A REPTILIAN LIZARD, AND WATCHED MONEY MONSTER BY GEORGE CLOONEY WITHOUT HAVING A SINGLE HEART PALPITATION.

joseydutch (May 16, 2018 9:52:14 GMT -5)
I'm sorry all that happend. To my die when they "drone" you. You won't survive the droningprocess.

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