Almal Ki Geneese (Apr 25, 2018 9:09:17 GMT -5)
Peace Donald ! First I want to let you know your a true hero in my eyes and I am spreading your knowledge in a respectful but speedy fashion. My question is when the original body is n rem sleep and the Conscious transfer has taken place can the original body be interrupted ? So say if your sleep and your conscious has transferred can I come into your room an awakening you or will your body show all the signs of a dead body? Being that your consciousness has left?Celine O'Carroll....Yes can wake the person up...their clone will lose consciousness at the cloning usually just drops when the person wakes up at home.

light4jesus (Sept 23, 2018 22:31:01 GMT -5)
Where’s the NEWEST posts ??Celine.....Go to the Home page..( ie home option is on top left of this page)...then scroll down to Forum Information & Statistics...hit 'recent threads'. Alternatively check page 2 ...they're usually there. Hope this helps

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