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dontfillshyyttross Idontfillshyyttross shared a link.OMGKFC chicken with 6 WINGS / 6 LEGS / WITHOUT FEATHER // MUTATIONWatch what you are eating!!! Chicken with 6 wings et 6 legs!!!! Without feather!!!!!Sherna Bharucha Ew!!!!!Idontfillshyyttross Idontfillshyyttross Ikr

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Donald Marshall shared video.
Any biologist out there know what this is? Clam snake? Found on the beach at ocean shores Washington.Michael J Kahnke gooseneck barnacle. a delicacy:
...A Delicacy Scraped From Pacific Rocks
LEAD: What looks like a carpenter's thumb, feels like a rubber hose and is sweeter and more tender than spiny lobster? Why, gooseneck barnacles.Adair Dfwtf Sheppard Wtf is that??! Ann Zachau Put him back in the ocean and quit torturing the poor creature.... Damn Humans!Jackie Hammel Getz what is it?? very coolDaniel Draves what the hellAnn Smith why didn't they just leave it on the beach for fucksake.Spiros Kalostipis Come on! One of you, put your face there! Seriously, Ann Zachau is right. Put it back. Frickin human beings!Brandon Lamar Johnson I wonder if that's what madusa's head looked likeJackie Hammel Getz tell us Don... what is it?Ann Zachau ...Michael J Kahnke ...gooseneck barnacle. a delicacy:
...A Delicacy Scraped From Pacific Rocks MoreDonald Marshall Tila tequilas first born.Ann Zachau o_0 Michael Kahnke already stated it...Donald, Maybe you actually have to say it for the minions to believe...lolDonald Marshall Ahhh my faithful minions. lolDonald Marshall Fly my pretties fly. LolAnn Zachau That's scary... Doesn't surprise me... but its scary....and Im not talking about the gooseneck barnacle. Donald Marshall Your soul is mine as well Ann Zachau... Donald Marshall Your just in denial still.Ann Zachau Only in your wildest dreams.... Sorry I think for myselfDonald Marshall Nothing the lash won't cureAnn Zachau BULLLLLL SHIT... Whoa... Wait... Got a 9 tails? Donald Marshall LolNathan FreeSoul Finn That's one way to get a massive fine...Jackie Hammel Getz haha its gooseneck barnacleJackie Hammel Getz lolMerri Cowden No banana, no fly Russell Nichols Sorry I have been absent. Been in the hospital since Tuesday because of my heart. Tomorrow a team of cardiology guys will do some testing to see if open heart surgey can be avoided otherwise open heart surgery will be done on Tuesday is the day they crack me olenCeline O'carroll hope u can avoid that Russell ..tough time for you...hope it all goes well and u make a quick recovery.Amadeus Moisl
what's the matter, Russel?Amanda Brewster Bian Sending healing thoughts your way, Russell Nichols.Spiros Kalostipis Sending positive healing vibes your way, Russell. Stay strong, brother.Dan Gustafson Thanks Fukashima.

celine (Oct 5, 2014 7:13:24 GMT -5)
Donald Marshall Ever see one before?
Heavens Demon nope but got my sisters ballsBarbara Ann Real or gene spliced?Donald Marshall RealBarbara Ann Yikes!Heavens Demon yup dead ringer of me brudda in lawViolette Rivard what is it a giant flying bat ??Donald Marshall YesViolette Rivard big suckerMarianne Fox in another photo somewhere i have seen even bigger …..Tim Locke its a type of flying monkey.Marianne Fox maybe this is the same ..or not ...GIANT BAT CAPTURED, WHAT IS IT?Giant Bat Captured. A gargantuan bat appears to have been caught by military personnel in the Philippines. If real, this is...YOUTUBE.COM

celine (Feb 9, 2015 19:44:51 GMT -5)
Donald Marshall5 February Hmmm. Parasite?
What is this mystery sea creature found in tin of tuna? - TelegraphSuggestions about what the tiny tuna monster might be include the foetus of a blowfish, a tadpole, or the head of a soft-shelled turtle.
Alicia Michelle I don't know, but it's adorable with those big precious moment eyes. LolLinda Torgrimson I do believe this might put me off of tuna.Chris Wardill dont think tuna will be on the grocery shopping list ever again

bud64 (Feb 9, 2015 23:35:29 GMT -5)

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