Oh Thanks Infographics..

in donaldmarshall •  4 months ago  (edited)

Thanks for giving us the not so subtle cloning methods while uttering the statement "Dreams will be dashed and our worst nightmares realized"... While showing pictures of cloning tubes... and mentioning dreams and nightmares..


You'd think someone was trying to tell you something..

Ya i'd be crazy if this was all I had to believe in Rem Cloning but its really not, I see this shit almost daily at this point.

Its pretty much basically everywhere, if you know how to look.

Because Knowing.. Is half the battle.

Yeahh I just dropped G.I Joe in there while trying to expose a world wide evil phenomenon whatever i've been up and i'm tired fk you

and Definitely Fk you Infographics... Really stayin true to ya name there aint ya.

The youtube channel cracked would often do the same kinda thing, There is one some random episode of that channel which used the phrase "Rem Based Shenanigans", I forget which video it was in but its out there, someone let me know if you watched cracked and find the ep, cracked has also pretty much shut down now, the video sides of things anyway, weird, i used to call them out on hinting about stuff more than a few times.

Anyway... Thanks infographics.

Just thanks... But also.. fk you too..

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