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Ill make many more now i know that dtube in no way tries to block your shit for bs reasons.


You know I resent the idea of being formally attacked for trying to use what are tacit admissions of guilt by elites about the various secrets currently in progress presented as fictional entertainment.

"You aren't allowed to use pictures of the weapons we attack you with"

I think everything belongs to everyone in this regard, the idea that a company like disney can just Buy something like a star wars then use their clout to silence the people who Actually wanna make creative art using that universe like a child on a playground hoarding all the toys and making you pay for the privilege of even looking at them.

Fuk Dat world.

I endorse any site like Dtube that contains no censors.

Dtube has its flaws but its a damn sight better than fuckin youtube which forces you to censor yourself while dangling loss of livelihood over your head like a mafia, slowly transforming any true creator into that of another cookie cutter piece of television.
Thats what youtube is becoming now is just modern television and the walls are slowly but surely creeping in and forcing one into a shape they if they have integrity ought never to have to fit in. Corrupting you along with their corruption.

Support the fuck outta those platforms because if assholes at disney get their way, every fucking thing in this world soon is gonna have their logo on it.

And thats a future I can't abide.

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On Dtube you can even just right click and save video as and get the whole fkin video... Fkin what an amazing concept eh YT