Dominium Q&A between Korean Ambassador & Critical Blogger

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I'm Dominium Korean Ambassador.

Last week, I posted many cryptosite regarding Dominium in Korean and the response was great.
Of course some of them were positive, and the others were negative.

A few days later I found that a critical blogger posted article with criticism of Dominium.
As he posted negative article on his blog, I posted defence article in Korean Dominium Community page.

So, here are the Q&A between us


Blogger : Blockchain project is so hard, even developers can fail. But real estate experts appoints that they will make real estate blockchain platform?
It even uses Ardor without its own mainnet. Are real estate professionals not feeling the need to develop their own mainnet?

Me : I don't think you really understand BAAS(Blockchain As A Service).
There are various projects such as Ethereum to build a platform that can execute a lot of Dapps using multi-chains, even if dapps do not have its own mainnet.
While Ethereum can not implement POS and multi-chain at the same time, Dapp can not be commercialized.
Ardor had implemented POS and multi-chain already, so Dapp which can be helpful to real world can be commercialized.
Even if a company do not know the blockchain deeply, it can do a blockchain business with BAAS.


Blogger : Is it sound that Dominium use blockchain technology for only related to sales / leasing / management of real estate?

Me : If you record all the real estate related information on the platform such as sale, lease, and management of real estate in the blockchain, you can keep the information secure and transparent.


Blogger : The gap between soft caps and hard caps is too big...

Me : Unlike other ICOs, Dominium purchases real estate(this property will not be listed on the platform) through a pre-set 500 million token sale
Then, every month, Dominium BV earn profits from real estate, so Dominium BV periodically buy DOM tokens from the market.
Buy-back tokens and fees from people using the Dominium platform burns periodically.
Soft Cap is the minimum cost for launching a platform, and Hard Cap is the cost for launching a platform + maximum amount of real assets that will create demand for DOM tokens on a regular basis.
Thats why a big gap between soft cap and hard cap : the real estate portfolio.


Blogger : The executives and the advisors are ... let's pass the executives, and see the ambassadors.
Well, I went to the site and it was kind of Korean language! Dominium are kind people!
(I think those countries having Ambassador is the country Dominium plan to plunder)

Me :You need to look deeply into the management team.
They have more than 200 years of experience in the real estate industry and have their own real estate and clients.
Therefore, when the platform is launched, the customer and his / her own real estate are transferred to the platform.
If the developer develops property platform, it will require a lot of effort to attract customers and properties.
I am the Ambassador of Korea. No any real estate blockchain can start a global service at any one time, because there are lots of relulatories in each country.
Dominium is starting in Europe at first, but there are Ambassadors from all over the world because Dominium is targeting the whole world.
When Dominium launch the platform, I will invest in real estate.
If a man invested a million won and earn 8% a year, regardless of the porflio's real location, Koreans might want to use Dominium because the income is bigger than bank interest.


Blogger : Real estate with blockchain .... Is it possible to sell or lease property even though price has not stabilized yet?
Some people say real estate is bubble too, but it is treated as safe assets in Korea.
Sell and lease safe assets with unstable token ...?

Me : You do not sell or rent a property with token.
All the transaction history of real estate sales / leases will be recorded in the blockchain, and users of the platform will be charged a fee.
And this fee is fixed in real money. DOM tokens are just utility tokens.
When trading or leasing assets, they are also traded at real money prices.


Blogger : Could be possible because they are real estate professionals !! But I don't thik it is possible unless Wanda Group's Wang Zhenlin use it..
I wonder how many people use this platform globally ...

Me : Because there was no stable and usable blockchain platform (including Ethereums), there was no Dapp in working so far.
Do you think the Wanda group could do it? If then instead of a real estate platform, a blockchain platform would yield more revenue for Wanda Group.
Numerous platforms have not yet found a technological solution and there is no blockchain helpful for realworld.
But only Ardor implemented the POS + multichain for real-world use.
As you may know, there are many real estate block chain projects, but there is no commercialized one.
The first platform released will dominate the market.
Do you want to bet? Dominium is scheduled to launch a child-friendly chain in December this year.
Dominium will dominate the real-estate market.