Resurges - a dropped domain name

in domain •  last year

I'm a collector of .com domain names, and I've been doing this for 20 years. I've got far too many, and as a result, I've been avoiding the drop lists and the expired auctions. Yesterday I decided to look at a drop list, and I told myself that really I was just checking on market activity. :) I  noticed that had dropped, and was still available. Single dictionary words are hard to find in .com TLDs, so I claimed it for registration fee ( $8.69 ), there are some cheap deals around for registrations, and one is for $2.99, if you add the transfer fee of $8.39 to my preferred registrar, I could have had a 2 year registration for $11.38. I decided it wasn't worth creating a new account just to save a few dollars, but if I was more active in selling names, then it may well be worth using multiple registrar accounts.

The word 'resurges' appealed to me, especially as the price of Bitcoin still seems to be a bit bearish at the moment. I expect it to "resurge" at some time during the next few weeks, and the name will be useful for reporting the details as it resurges. Obviously 'resurge' is a much more valuable brandable name, but that isn't available at a low price.

What do you guys think? Did I waste my money by grabbing this name without doing any reserch?

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