3 Best Domain Providers for Cheap .com Domain Names

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3 Best Domain Providers for Cheap .com Domain Names

If you are a new blogger and want to start your own blogging Website then having a good “.Com” Domain is kinda must for you to give good impression on your audience and your niche and there are many domain providers who provide you good “.com” domains but one thing that makes them different from each other and that is their prices of .com domain and we all wants to buy Cheap Domain Names to get started our blogging Website without investing a huge amount of money on Domain itself.

So today I will share the top 3 cheap .com domain providers to get yourself your favorite domain name at a very cheap and reasonable price.

  1. GoDaddy:-

On number one spot we have GoDaddy.com because this one is my personal favorite too and their .com Domain price is almost unbeatable as compared to other cheap .com Domain Providers. Right now they are running a domain sale on their website where you can get yourself a .com domain for just 69Rs. For your first year and this price is totally unbeatable because of the .com domain name demand in the market.


As you can see I typed Namecheap .com Domain name and it’s already taken but if you can see below that it’s showing me another available domain name similar to Namecheap and its price is 69Rs. Only

Make sure to grab this offer as soon as possible to get yourself a good cheap .com domain name and this offer is valid for the one-time per user so don’t try to get a bulk stock of .com domains at 69Rs. Each.

2 . HostGator:-

At Number 2 We Have HostGator that is a very popular hosting and domain provider in online cheap domain names industry and their hosting plans too are very competitive,

So let’s talk about the price of .com Domain in HostGator, so basically they also running a special sale on their .com domain and right now you can grab your favorite .com domain at just 399Rs. With 2 Free Email Accounts.


The price of HostGator is not that cheap as compared to GoDaddy but they also offering you two emails Accounts free with every domain purchase and that’s a great offer,

You can try HostGator to get yourself a good cheap domain name with .com extension.

3 . NameCheap :-

The third and last in the list is Namecheap and ad the name suggests they provide good .com domain names at a cheap price,

Right now you can get yourself a good cheap .com Domain name from Namecheap at around 630Rs.


I know they are not as cheap as GoDaddy and HostGator but they are also one of the best cheap domain name providers in India.

So these are three best cheap domain name providers for your .com domain, go to each Website and get yourself your best .com Domain name at very reasonable prices with great discounts.

With a good Domain name, you will need good quality images too without any copyright issues so click on the link to know:-

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Common Questions Asked About Cheap Domain Providers

Where can I buy a cheap domain?

there are servel domain providers availabel in the market but the best three are:-

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostgator
  3. Namecheap

.com domains start as low as 69Rs. only.

How do I get a domain name for free?

Buy any popoular hosting service and you will get free domain easily in most of the premium hosting plans/

How much is GoDaddy domain after first year?

the first year charge for .com domain is 69rs. only according to their offer but the next year it will cost you anywhere betwen 700-1100rs,

Which is the best site to buy domains?

you can buy good cheap domains on

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostgator
  3. Namecheap
  4. Bluehost etc.

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