What are Domains

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According to the principles of the DNS system, an Internet domain is a collection of data representing a self-contained administrative and technical entity on the Internet. The address of a machine, a resource, or a service on the domain (www, e-mail, FTP), the name and address of the DNS server, DNSSEC security data, and more can all be found in this data. The DNS service ensures that an Internet domain has global visibility.


An Internet domain name is a textual designation that a user registers for their personal use and that meets the administrative and technical requirements for the Internet domain to be visible under that name. The name is entered into the central registry database, which is managed by the Internet domain Registry, at the time of registration. When the registration data, including data on DNS servers, is entered into the DNS table of the central registry database and that table is rendered active on public DNS servers, an Internet domain name becomes active.

Internet domain names were written using letters from the English alphabet (ASCII code), but with the creation of the IDN standard, domain names can now be written in a variety of different languages and scripts.

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