Anarchapulco: To go or not to go?

in dollarvigilante •  2 years ago 

When a huge number of my most personally influential people are in one place, when it’s still small enough and unknown enough to still have that ‘homely’ feel. I’m almost at the point of closing my eyes and sticking my credit card details in.

Reasons to go: Get to see Jeff Berwick, Ron Paul, Jimmy Song, Dan Larimer, that Swedish dude, big Jon Sneison will be there plus many more. Maybe even chat to some of those dudes.
I already have a week off work, so I can get there a few days before, I’ll have a fun time. An adventure who knows what will happen?

Reasons holding back: I live in the U.K and work Monday afternoon so I’d have to leave Sunday morning and miss crypto-pulco, it will cost me a months wages. I may not see Jon Sneison. The plane may be delayed and I’ll miss work. I’ll be running up my credit card which I’ve just managed to control.


God damn decisions, I think I’m going to do it, just one thumbs up from the steemit guys and fuck it I’ll take the plunge.


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I'm weighing a similar decision. If I go, would probably be coming from the UK via Bulgaria.

I've decided to go, bought my ticket and flights, have to leave early on Sunday but done

I see it's all sold out now.