Britain's US proposal to drive the crazy: "Instead of dollars, use crypto money"

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Speaking to CNBC about the future of crypto currencies, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposed to create a new crypto currency instead of the dollar and use it as a reserve unit.
Crypto coins, especially Bitcoin, have become very popular in our country and around the world in recent years. Bitcoin, which was seen as a means of short-term money making in a period, became widespread and became known by everyone in the last two years and even entered the close grip of some states.

In this direction, the Bank of England (BoE) Governor Mark Carney, said that the future will be the material reserves of the crypto money made important statements. Carney, who proposed the creation of a new crypto currency instead of the US Dollar, stressed that trusting the dollar as a reserve is a very serious risk.

Dollar Reserve

The Central Bank Governor, who interviewed CNBC, said that in a multi-polar world a multi-polar currency is needed. He said that a new crypto currency to be created as a reserve would bring balance to the current system that moves countries to zero or negative interest rates and keep other countries with huge resources such as the US positive.

Carney, Facebook's new crypto currency, which will be introduced in 2020 Libra or some other crypto currencies, the dollar may be banned from being the world's reserve currency, he said.