Your success is in your hands

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In America, 1 out of every 30 people is a Millionaire (in dollars).
Think of that for a moment.
That means between the time you leave home and when you arrive at work you would have bumped into many millionaires.
Who knows, the lady who bakes your cup cakes may be doing 7 digits.
Here's the other side of the story. Who are the rest of the people who aren't millionaires yet?
I can't speak for all of them, but I can speak for most of them.

  1. They believe that decisions are made in the head:
    "I decided 2 years ago to start saving money", but he hasn't saved a dime.
  2. They believe their fate is controlled by external factors. "If the economy was better or taxes hadn't been raised I would have..."
  3. They do not believe they would be millionaires. "I don't think..."
  4. They get information, like this post, engage with it, and do absolutely nothing about it. "It's good information, but I am too busy, lazy (add yours) to do anything about it.
    It's a new month. An old year, aging you
    Be the 1 or 29?
    Your call
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