Haha great video Jeff. Paul Krugman and the New York Times deserve each other. His columns suck. He’s been faxing it in for years...

Paul Krugman is a bankster loving tapeworm who can't write or think of anything original because he is too busy sucking anything meaningful out of the system because he is a tapeworm.

So is Jeff suggesting gold has the ability to catch back up to Bitcoin and overtake it?

Bitcoin hasn't yet overtaken gold, I will be writing a full post on this one. Bitcoins current market cap is $156 Billion, Golds market cap is $390 trillion. Bitcoin needs to get to $390,000 per coin to and beyond to over take gold in market cap. price per unit means next to nothing. Bitcoin needs to catch up to gold and over take it.

I like your work because you used to combine information...
I am interested in one more thing:
Is it possible that we activate/waken enough people in this world that cryptocurrencies can step in when (the economy and) the money system is collapsing?
What do you think, crypto-fans?

Thanks again for all this information, it is a delight to listen to and empowering for us all.

Namaste :)

Now, let's see gold catch up with $10,000 bitcoin :)

Great post and video there. The unsteadiness of the bitcoin can not Just be overemphasized. Everyday, we keep seeing more downslide in its value but as risk takers, we'll Jus sit down and watch as events unfold.

The more I stay away from the mainstream media the better I fell about my life.

We have to stay informed, it's just that today we need to have the power and the willing to dissect information.

It's a bit more time consuming, sure, but is a lot better than fucking nodding your head in agreement towards every shit that comes your way.

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Informative and impressive @dollarvigilante. thank you for sharing with us.

Very informative your video

very informative your video, its really hard to forseem acuratly the behavior of the bitcoin with all oits ups and downs but i guess people have faith that its gonna rise again.

What about gold and bitcoin this is exchange for 1 of 1

If gold and Bitcoin exchanged at 1 Bitcoin to 1 Oz of gold, the price of 1 Bitcoin would equal that of 1 Oz of gold; $1324 USD as of today.

If BTC reached a market cap of $7.8 trillion dollars, the same as golds market cap, then one Bitcoin would be worth about $390,000 USD each. 1 Bitcoin could buy you 294 ounces of gold at todays price of gold.

Inversely, If Bitcoin was $390,000 USD per coin, one Oz of gold would buy you 0.00339487 sats. This would be the true measure of 1 for 1 if both market caps of Bitcoin and USD were the same at $7.8 trillion USD.

I understand

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Price per unit matters much less than total market cap. Like Gold, there is a finite amount of Bitcoin. Bitcoin at this stage seems to be acting as digital gold. As far a history goes, Bitcoin is 9 years old and gold has been established as a means of exchange and value for thousands of years.

Considering Bitcoin rocketed from $1000 to $20k in the last year or so of its existence, it's not hard to fathom a rise to around $390k over the next few years. This will bring it to a market cap equal to gold, now if Bitcoin can sort its shit out (fees, speed, mass adoption, etc), it's easy to see how Bitcoin can get up to the million dollar mark and beyond.

But that's a big IF.

Couldn't agree more about the mainstream media. If I was to educate myself about the markets and crypto economies (as we all do), apart from Anarchapulco videos (which I'm sure are amazing), what other sources of information should I look into?

What are your thoughts on Ethereum? :D

Well guess I'm staying up for one more video... ;)

Hello Jeff!

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Very good your posting.

Great job DV!

One Year Ago Bitcoin Surpassed Gold In Value Per Unit… Look At How Things Have Changed! ... One year ago, I was virtually assaulted for suggesting bitcoin was “as good as gold” and most of the commenters said bitcoin was in a bubble and “tulip mania” when it was near $1,300 while stating that gold ...