I think this is what cryptocurrency looks like inside our computerssteemCreated with Sketch.

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if we could see each different type of currency




image1 (5).gif


image1 (8).gif

I love to make gifs and mess with pixels and resolution. i know i said i would be sharing exercise material with the steem community and i will but i couldn't help make these little gifs thinking about cryptocurrenecy. although i did sign up on Steemit about a year ago i was overwhelmed and not as committed to learning about steem and bitcoin and Ethereum but with each day that passes i heard more and more about bitcoin. The more i research the more impressed i become.

anyone have any suggestions or videos / blogs i could learn from? each day I am learning more and more about steemit and want to consume as much info as i can.

if we could hear bitcoin.. i wonder what it would sound like?

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Use the exchange Kucoin , you get a % of everyones transaction fees. easy money :)

I like these gifs they're ever changing like the nature of crypto

cordjackman!! Thank you, your Post.