Snuckls - Earn 3000$ to 4000$ EveryDay. How to Join & Earn Money??

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Snuckls a Legit Opportunity for you to Earn Money Online. Snuckls is a Lottery Game Site that you can Join for Free. You can Participate in the Lottery by Ticket Booking and Win Jackpot from $2000 to $4000 Per Day. This Website is Available Worldwide so you can Join from any Part of the Globe. You can Redeem Win in Gift Card or through Paypal and more Importantly it’s Real Money.

You will need a referral link to be joining that and have immediate access. You will need a Facebook account to log into Snuckls. If you don’t have you can create one in minutes.

How Does The Ticket Book?

Once you’re inside, you will have to watch 5 videos first to get a lottery one ticket. You will have a maximum of 50 tickets entries per draw, that means you will have to watch 250 videos. If you want to increase the chances of winning anything then you must enter 50 tickets.

This is an example of what it will look like once you click on the video. As you can see below there is a timer. You will have to let the timer complete. The length of the videos vary from one another but typically not very long, Maximum 80 second.

Once the timer runs out, right below they will ask you a question on what category is the video. You have to answer correctly. After this you can book One tickets by selecting five Number.

Note :- If you got it wrong, you will have to watch another video.

How to know if you win?

The winning numbers are based from the Georgia Fantasy 5 lottery

All 5                           98% of the Jackpot
Matched 4                1.5% of the Jackpot
Matched 3                0.4% of the Jackpot
Matched 2                0.1% of the Jackpot

You have a 7 level invite commission system in place.

Snuckls definitely looks legit. If you got spare time, you can always watch some videos, get tickets and test your luck. You will never know when is your lucky day.
For those who are looking at this as a more serious opportunity to earn some extra money online, you should try to focus on getting more referrals. As I already mentioned earlier, the more people you bring in, the higher the chances of them winning and you getting a commission.

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