Cancer vaccine in just one dollar

in dollar •  11 months ago

The famous Cuba for cigarettes all over the world has discovered cancer vaccine. According to media reports, this vaccine is also able to prevent cancer spreading.

Very good quality cigar is available in Cuba There is also a lot of cigar usage. Lubricant cancer rates are also higher in Cuba. Cancer is the fourth largest cause of death in the country.

A study was conducted in 2007 with patients suffering from lung cancer. The report was published in the journal Clinical Oncology. According to the report, cancer patients with a vaccine named SeemaWax have been benefited. In those patients who have applied this vaccine, more than half of their patients have started developing antibodies to destroy cancerous tumor. According to the research conducted on patients, the survival rate of patients under 60 years of age has increased in the use of vaccines.

It has been claimed in the report that, until now, one thousand cancer patients in Cuba have been treated successfully. This number is more than five thousand in the world.

Dr. Lee of Rosal Park Cancer Institute said that using 405 cancer cases in Cuba, the vaccine is effective and safe.

Although the research report has not yet been officially come forward. However, it is known that the price is within the reach of the common people. The price of a vaccine will be worth 80 rupees in Bangladesh currency.Rubaiya's Steemit Posts.jpg

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