#doit4thebag rap challenge week # 11

So week 10 was bullshit yall. Only one entry.....from @kenentertainment. So this week is gonna be simple. I'ma put three beats for you to choose from and go in!

The rules -

There's no time limit, just go in!
Record a video of you rapping over the beat and post it!
Leave a comment of the video and link to the post on this post!
Upvote and Resteem this post.(Why not right)
Use the tags #doit4thebag and #thebag!

#thebag will be 2 Steem! Only one will win but all will get props!!!

Brought to you by #thebag

Enjoy and One Love!

Upvote and Resteem!!

Support #thebag, or get put in a body bag!!!


Andy mili-bars is back! Great wordplay my G, I'ma do your album review soon

haha thanks man mili bar raisin! lol I look forward to it man, Im thinking of doing a video or two for the tunes on the album soon too

You have to do a music video

yeah man haha im doin a funky whale video on the beach for sure in the next month or two anyway, will be dope with the autumn sunsets and all here

I can picture that, crazy!

damn only seeing this now!! Good choice of beats man, Im gonna pen something soon!!

its uploadin now, should be an hour... pretty drunk here tho so dunno what its like haha


Oh... at least we an vote this week... lol.

Finally my dude, lol

Yah... been having some hard times... in the neighborhood...

What you think on these three entries my G?