Vault Mechanics and Communication | A Sequence of Visuals and Key Concepts

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Switch Flanks to Stop

Getting ready to stop Loot from moving clockwise using a Rear Cross.
Loot executes the Rear Cross and has switched to the Counter Flank. This switching of working flanks is the definition of a cross and stopping the dog is a key reason it is done.

A Solid Wait is Critical - A Poor Wait is Catastrophic
The flank is halted with Basic Standing Position (BSP) Clock. The opposing flank is used to stop the dog. If you don't switch flanks the dog will tend to circle.

Thoughtfully Cue Direction
The verbal cue "Top" has been given and the handler is cuing direction, telling the dog where the vault will be. A good Wait is the most important skill in vaulting.

Obstacle Presentation as Trigger
The leg lifting (obstacle presentation) is a very strong physical cue and is used as a reliable trigger to start the trick. The presentation of the obstacle is a very reliable trigger for all vaults. Loot is responsive and not reactive to this cue.

Multiple Triggers Exist in Complex Tricks
The disc leaving the hand is triggering the leap. Loot is actually preparing his leap from the ground to the target.

Dog Responds to Release With Thoughtful Collection
The disc is in flight and on it's way to the predicted target area from the directional cue. The disc is in the air and Loot is loading up for this particular target.

Target Lock - From the Ground
Did the dog leave the ground for the target? Yes or No? What could be easier than that? It is a load off your mind and enhances safety for the dog. There is no time in vaulting.
The disc is placed as close as possible to the positional cue that Loot received. Thoughtfully cuing direction and delivering on that promise with precise placement creates builds trust, creates success, and dramatically improves safety.

Leave Time for the Landings
One decision made from the ground by the dog and solid placement means Loot has plenty of time to navigate the landing.
Vaults should land front feet first in flowing, balanced motion.
Loot is a counter clock dog, he is quite unbalanced. He releases to his left after most every trick. He's lining up the landing right here.

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