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I am a pretty serious athlete and coach. I've coached high school national champions and produced successful collegiate athletes. I have also been on the podium at a national collegiate level. Apryl was an All State high school athlete in multiple sports and might still hold records from her high school career - a career at a school that is still a perennial State champion threat.

Elite Play IS About Foundation

Foundation is everything when it comes to advanced athletics. A weak foundation means the structure crumbles when weight and complexity is added. Moving forward and building upon a weak foundation, or ignoring the foundation entirely in pursuit of sexy tricks is nothing more than a failing in progress. If I have anything to say about it, it won't happen.

This key coaching principle - Foundation First! - is how I roll - the end. Apryl will make exceptions to this rule while teaching in order to give people confidence and make them feel accomplished. I struggle with this and will only do it if there is a unique opportunity or the athlete needs it for confidence reasons to stay engaged in the game.

But Wait, There's More - Advanced Disc Dog Instruction

We do elite level disc dog training, and we do it well. We've dialed in elite jammers routines, tricks, and sequences on countless occasions, and we do that efficiently and methodically. Often the solutions we offer are simple foundational fixes that went overlooked in pursuit of the championship and equally as often it's a tiny change of position or movement that few people in the world have the eyes or mind for.

Apryl is AMAZING at routine building, and she's the judging director of the USDDN so she knows what judges are looking for and what scores. She puts together world class routines with teams in an afternoon.

Steal This Class - Sequence Building

Recently we've opened up our Foundation and Jamming classes to the public. The class content has been revised over the years, but it's pretty old, and is not a complete reflection of what we've got going on these days. It also feeds that idea that we're "only about foundation".

In light of that, we have decided to open source our Sequence Building class; a class I am quite proud of and that has great potential for more advanced players. Of course, you will need a strong foundation to fully capitalize on the class, but if you've got skills, this class has high value.

Disc Dog Sequence Building Class (click for larger image) This graphic novel image is taken from a lesson and is combined with multiple angle instructional video and text.

Built upon a combination of text, video, and of all things, comic books (graphic novels for the cultured nerd), the Sequence Building class hones in on a few key concepts and ideas that will freshen up your freestyle and expand your mind.

This Is Modern PVybe Instruction

This is the kind of stuff we're doing today at camps and seminars with players who have the foundation. The ability to do these things easily, quickly, and safely and successfully is what our foundational focus at camps is all about.

If you want more than tricks and skills; if you want to jam and express yourself in a manner that makes you and your dog happy; if you want to be able to do whatever you can dream of, then you need to run through this class and hook up with us at a camp or seminar.

Class Breakdown

Featuring 28 new lessons and 8 older supplemental lessons, the Sequence Building Class consists of 7 modules:

Position - 4 lessons

MOVE!!! - 5 lessons

Art of Linking Tricks - 7 lessons

Trick as Set Up Move - 5 lessons

Intercept the Release - 2 lessons

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