Why Dogs Should Be On Leads In Public Places!

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Babs got attacked the other day...she is fine,no blood drawn or any serious damage. Just a little shook up. Both of us in all honestly.

I didn't take her to the same area for two days.

The deviant was a cute little jack russall that was running in and out of the lake with its owner, an older lady who seemed pleasant...at first.

Of course my noisy 'woofer' was barking in excitement on her very short lead, one that extends when other dogs are not present.

She walked on aimlessly allowing her dog to approach mine. I was apprehensive, but because he 'was friendly' I didn't pull away. Until he attacked my dog for no reason.

I quickly picked Babs up in my arms as my friend ushered him away.

'I think you should be putting the dog on a lead,' said my concerned friend, as I was too busy checking over my quivering dog.

'She doesn't need a lead,' she snapped in response 'she is playful, its because your dog barked,'

My friend continue to debate this with her, as she scurried off defending her dog and the need for it to be lead free!

She claimed the dog had never before been vicious, and that he had been playing up the lake with a couple of other dogs.

My problem with this irresponsible behaviour is this:

  1. If the dog had have caused damage to my dog, I would have been within my rights to have reported her. The dog could have been rehomed, or worse...put to sleep. Just because she wouldn't put it on a lead.

  2. She didn't know my dog...My dog could have attacked her dog. How would she have known her temperament?

  3. It is an offence to have the lead off the dog in the public park. There are signs everywhere, she should have known

  4. My dog could have been seriously hurt, not to mention the vet fees that I would have to pay for.

Babs is ok, but this is an issue that really needs to be raised in the wider context.

Luckily her experience as a nervous rescue dog has not effected her much as she is still not tired out after her 90 minute walk today.

Me, however, well... im zonked out!

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Glad you dog is Ok. We always keep our dog on a lead if there are other dogs about as he isn't a good with other dogs. Just wish other dog owners did the same and controlled their animals.


Yeah thats just it and some dogs can be a little tempermental, but as long as it's controlled
thats perfectly acceptable but what if my dog was dangerous and a dog wanders up? It's not fair on either dogs. It's just irresponsible...