Do I Really Have To Get Up???? - #DogsOfSteemit

in dogsofsteemit •  19 days ago

It's been a while since I posted anything for @supernovastaffy's weekly #dogsofsteemit contest, so it's time for Lucy to make another appearance.

This morning when I got up and went for a shower, as is my usual morning routine, I came back to prepare myself for the day to discover this......

20190306 06.16.04.jpg

20190306 06.11.29.jpg

Someone had moved herself into my spot, got under the covers, and desperately avoided eye contact..

She's a good dog, really she is, and I love the fact that she was a rescue dog that has enriched our lives for the past two and a bit years.

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I think Lucy wants to stay close to you in the morning by taking your place 😊 I have a cat who loves to play with and sleeps on my clothes😀


Quite possibly, or close to my wife, who was still in bed next to her at the time.

What an adorable dog. Pets like to snuggle up and keep warm too. 😊

Your pup is absolutely adorable. And the fact shes a rescue is awesome. I had a frech mastiff that was a rescue hound. Thanks for doing that my friend. And thanks for sharing pictures of your puppy princess asleep in her royal chambers. Here are a few pictures of our hounds brother. The first, is Evans dog, Evil. She's not sure of the ice, having never seen it or been on any before...but look how focused she is on him. The second is her within a minute. She is on the ice with HER boy. It doesn't matter what he does or where he goes, her only want is to be next to him. Always vigilant and always erring on the side of caution when it comes to his protection.(ive been bit myself a few times.😁) I have to keep a close eye on her when we go out in public, and he knows that when she is with us, he is not allowed to scream or act hurt unless its a real emergency.But anyhow, the last picture is her and our pit playing.
P.S. She always wins.😄





She is beautiful. You should do a post about her for the Dogs of Steemit tag yourself. She'd be a good chance at a prize I think. There's something about the bond between a dog and a child that is just unique and special.

Hello @sparkesy43!

Congratulations! Thanks for using the #dogsofsteemit hashtag! This post has been chosen as one of the winners for Episode 61 of the #dogsofsteemit challenge.

Can't wait to see more dog photos from you!