Happy Anniversary to my Furry Soulmate!

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Unless otherwise indicated, photos were taken with my iPhone!

It has been a year of adjustment at the house. Arlo came into my life a year ago now, and he has been a pure delight to my heart. Not long after his arrival, my sister died a quick and painless death. She never even got to meet him.

He charms everyone he meets – even his jealous brother Zeke! So I know he would have tickled my sister with his daffy personality. He has made me laugh until I wet my pants and has licked tears from my face.

Picture taken by vet tech!

Arlo was what my rescue group calls a foster fail. He was only supposed to be with us a few days. But the first night he was here, he wiggled his way into my lap, and into my heart!

He was heart worm positive, half bald with a severe yeast infection, and had secondary infections due to his immune system being so compromised. And I couldn’t have loved him more!

Today, Arlo lives a lush life. He gained quite a bit of weight, so he gets his share of fresh vegetables to help with his huge appetite. He is a little charmer and loves his Mama!

As a side note, Arlo was named after Arlo Guthrie. Arlo Guthrie is the son of Woody, American folk singer, most know for This Land is Your Land.

(YouTube video ironically provided by alargedog!)

But, if you ask me, Arlo Guthrie is the powerhouse talent from that family! Arlo is most widely known for Alice’s Restaurant Massacre, which is played in full on several American radio stations over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

This picture is from Arlo’s website. If you are not familiar with him, you can learn more about this great man at:


I think he would be pleased if he knew I named my furry love after him!

Proud graduate of the #OC slider delegation project!

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Sounds like you saved a precious little life! Remember this: "Comin' in to Los Angeles, bringin' in a couple of keys, don't check my bag if you please Mr. _ _?"

Mr. customs man! 😁. 😘

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Happy birthday to him

Thank you!

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Howdy cindyhartz! oh I love that little guy! lol..he looks wonderful and I think you are both lucky to have each other!

Thank YOU! 😘

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Happy Birthday!
They look so peaceful and calm.

Thank you! Yes, it is a much different life for dogs here at my house, so they are very content. 😊

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Congratulations, the year is a great start to the journey)) Long and happy years!

Thank you! 😘

Happy anniversary! Sounds like Arlo had an instant impact on you and you are both a great match!

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Yes! Love at first sight!

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I love them , couldn’t do without my dogs

Me either!

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Dawww, what a sweet looking poochy!

Yes! He is the sweetest!

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Thank you!

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