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Millie was abandoned by her owner.

There are often very valid reasons why a pet owner must give their companion animal away. Sickness, old age, and financial circumstances can result in not being able to care for the animal and the owner asks as pet rescue group to find a home for their beloved pet. There are also people who are simply heartless and uncaring and drop their house pet off on a deserted road and tell themselves the animal that depended on them completely will be okay.

However it happens, even the fortunate animals endure major disruptions by losing the people they are bonded to, their environment, their habits, their favorite everything. They may go through several sets of "rescue hands" before being able to settle into a new home.

Millie is one of those fortunate ones to be resettled and to be very much loved and cared for.

This is Millie. She is smart, playful, loving, incredibly funny, and very active; none of which appear dimmed by her unsettling past.

This was on a recent visit with us in the country while her new family was away. She adjusted to our home in about two minutes, was out the dog door into the fenced back yard, and running at full speed through the fallen leaves. She did a lot of running! She took time to get acquainted with resident dog, Mike, and they got along really well. Mike was curious about this miniature version of a dog and followed her around when she ran. He cannot run fast but he walked along to see what was so exciting.

While she was running, she found a wonderful new toy: PINECONES! She discovered that they are great chew toys and that it is a lot more fun when she can bring them inside and chew them into small pieces and leave them around to be stepped on by unwary humans.
She also found that they are fun to carry with her when she takes a long walk on her leash!

Millie is very curious and wants to "help" when humans do things, and she does her best to be in the middle of the activity. There is always the possibility that food will be involved, so she pays rapt attention during her "help" sessions.

She and Luke were helping me refill a bird feeder with sunflower seeds. Luke eats them but Millie gave up after about a dozen. I think she prefers small pieces of apples and carrots.

Millie is in training to be a certified therapy dog. Her duties will be to help people be happy and maybe help them relax and remember their companions from so very many years ago.

Generating happiness comes naturally to her. Simply looking at her makes me feel better about the possibilities in life.

Thank you for reading about Millie. She is a wonderful example of how resilient and forgiving dogs are, and how they are more like humans than some humans are.

Please leave any comments you have about Millie.
I would like to know what you think.


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Dalmatians are completely white at birth.

Millie and you are lucky in finding each other and sharing love and happy moments together!


Millie's happy spirit has been wonderful to experience for me. The expressions on her face are always of happiness and excitement and she makes me happy inside simply by looking at her. She is quite playful and that is contagious, too.