Fostering Dogs, Why?

in #dogs5 years ago

Can you answer why someone would want to provide a home for an unwanted dog? Can you tell me why someone would want to ensure a dog can be adopted into a good loving home?

Let me answer both of those questions for anyone willing to turn their ear (eyes in this case) to my words.

First, providing a home is doing more than just a covered shelter and some food and water. It's providing a place where they can get the attention and love, they, like anyone else would want. It's making sure they don't become malnourished, mistreated, or killed by wandering into traffic.

Second, it's providing them with a SECOND chance that they would not otherwise have had. This new forever home will do all the things I have done and more. They'll do more than me simply by being their family's best four-legged friend until they pass away from old age. A long old age of memories, smiles, and joy.

I introduce to you, Bella! She's been adopted and is now enjoying her lifelong journey with her new human best friends and family.


These are just two explanations to those questions, and they are my reasons. Does anyone need any other reason? I think not.


Thanks for your explanation and giving them a second chance:)!

I've to rescues myself. Farah, the last one, a Portugese Podengo, is with us for two months now. About 4 years old and she spent 3 of them in a Spanish shelter. The poor girl isn't used to anything....very shy and anxious towards people.

To provide additional answers:

  1. It is wonderfull to see your foster relax and becoming a dog again. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing him/her run and play on the beach, roling in the grass etc......
  2. Dogs, in this case an anxious foster, is a good example for us humans. The strengt they show, their adaptability to new environments and new conditions and their blind trust they will put into you once they trust you......

I would recommend anyone to go for adoption instead of breeder. Why? Even if the above reasons and the ones mentioned by @thebrewster are not relevant to you.......think of what kind of dog you want.....sexe, age, height, colours, charachter etc....and he/she is already alive and living in captivity. Save him / her! Most rewarding thing you will ever do, and more important, he/she gets her second chance!
Keep up the good work @thebrewster!

Thank you @mpgluc! You're right on about it being the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. I liked your additional answers as well.

I've rescued 3 dogs myself. Two from a local animal shelter and the youngest was rescued off of the median of the highway as my ex was on her way to work during a thunder storm.

Adopt, don't shop!

I'm currently trying to move to the country because living in city limits, I got in trouble for having more than the allowed 2 dogs.

Thank you for rescuing the 3 you have!

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