5 Science-Backed Reasons a Dog Is Good for Your Health

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There is more to dogs than utter cuteness.

Dogs are the coolest creatures on Earth not only because they can love you unconditionally. But also because they’re good for your health -- science says so.

Here are five science-backed reasons a dog is good for your health.

1. Dogs are good for the heart.

Research shows that having dogs as companions can make your heart stronger. They help reduce your cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure, and decrease your triglyceride levels leading to better cardiovascular health.

You know what’s even better? If dog owners experience heart attacks, then they actually have higher chances of surviving it. Dog owners, as well as those who have abnormal heart rhythm, are known to live longer than those without dogs.

There's this case that made the headlines: a dog performing CPR.

2. Dogs help improve your mood.

Picture this:

It’s a long day at work, but then you open your doors to a dog that’s so happy to see you. It surely takes your stress away, doesn’t it?

Hanging out with dogs also gives you high levels of dopamine and serotonin -- two chemicals that are known to calm you down and make you happy. Spending even just a few minutes with them can significantly lower your stress levels.

And you know what’s better? The mere companionship turned into a stress-relieving perk isn't one-sided. Your dogs love it when you hang out with them, too!

3. Dogs keep you moving.

Studies show that dogs require around 2 hours of exercise weekly. As a dog owner, making sure your four-legged best friends get their fix of exercise is sort of your responsibility.

Granted you own up to the responsibility, there are mutual benefits up ahead.

Exercise is as good for you as it is for your dogs.

Dog owners are known to be more active because of frequent walks and playtime, even during winter.

This frequent activity not only leads to better cardiovascular health. But it also improves your lung capacity, bone health, muscle tone, and flexibility.

4. Dogs are therapists.

No, we’re not talking about those times that you’re having deep conversations with your dog — but those count too.

To elaborate on this point, there's the fact that dogs are therapists.

You’d find dogs in hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and orphanages. And there, you can see them in action.

Particularly, you can see them helping people who need physical and/or emotional assistance.

Want examples?

Here is a list:

Dogs are perfect for this task because of their accepting and non-judgmental nature. They provide support and comfort. They help people improve their interaction and engagement.

5. Dogs can detect various health concerns.

Lastly, there's this.

Dogs’ noses are quite powerful. They can use their sense of smell to identify serious health risks. Aside from sniffing out small changes in your body, dogs can detect different types of cancers such as breast, bladders and skin cancer.

Other than cancer, dogs can sniff out other medical conditions. This includes migraines, narcolepsy, seizures, fear, and low blood sugar.


There you go — five of the science-backed reasons a dog is good for your health.

And other than the abovementioned reasons, there's the fact that dogs can raise your happiness meter. If you're feeling down, sit beside a dog to make it happen.

Don't have a dog yet?

Maybe, just maybe, you should consider adopting one.

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