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Collection of photos from various life stages with doggos all around Serbia.

They come in various shapes and sizes, different hair and as everyone attitude. One thing is common for all of them - they love all humany creatures.
Sometimes they don't understand a thing, but will try to help you the best way they can, the head twisting is ultra cute :)
They are usually very curious beings and depending on the breed and owner their energy and cheerfulness vary - apart from being awesome companion in any adventure. Can't have any doggos in Australia, Campus rules... The closest thing is supervisor's dog and half-tamed kangaroos near the observatory.


Terra, Craziest beast-doggo I ever had.

Sad Pujdo

Experiment with Chorty in infrared

Playful pack

Guardian doggo

Unknown lake doggo

Investigator doggo

Artist and model doggo

And appropriate song:

All photos are mine, © Svemirac.

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Those are great photos. I really like the one of the dogs running together outside and also the last one of the white dog at the office or workspace. That's ones looks like he's just hanging out. Nice one!

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Can't go wrong with doggos on any day of the week ;D

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