🐕😎Puppies 😀Grabbing 💝Shade🐶

in dogs •  6 months ago


⌚10 am and its 93 📷degrees out. 🌈Sunny & warm.🎉🌇 Maximus & Maverick 🎉are 🍺grabbing some cool shade. We hit the back lots 🍕for some 📱🎉morning exercise.😘 We love it.🌄 What 📆are your plans today?😈

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Your dogs are really beautiful! Seems you love them. I love mine too.. it's called Toby, an american cocker spaniel:
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-18 at 5.20.03 PM.jpeg


Toby!!!!! He is smart & very handsome looking. Basketball by his side. Thank you for sharing Have a beautiful day.

Thought : Nowadays, adopting dogs has became more reliable than having many friends as dogs have proven they have more fidelity and loyalty than many humans .. 😎

As for your question : I have school in these warm days of summer 😑

Enjoy your day 😊


Yay summer classes! :( What are you studying? Do you have good classmates? Love my pups.


I am studying Maths , mostly
Yeah quite good mates here .

Are you a professor ?!

Cute puppies that are cute!

beautiful dogs super friends look fantastic
I like the cinnamon color it looks strong

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Nice and warm day for Maximum and Maverick. Loving the pics of your dogs! #dogsofsteemit! 🐕 Are they both staffies? I have a crazy staffy at home